Look Who’s TWO!

My little baby boy is now a toddler.  Here is a collage of his first 12 months.

Below is a month-by-month collage of Parker’s second year, starting with April 2011.

I am still amazed that we have this little guy in our family.  In some ways it’s as if he was always here and thinking back to before he was born I try to fit him in the picture.  (For example, he never saw our Fort Carson house but I feel like he must have been around.)

On the other hand I am floored that he’s already two years old and feel that he really should be turning one.

Today we celebrate by turning his car seat around to face forward.  We will go have an early lunch with Matt since Matt has to fly to England for the week for work.  Kind of hard to figure out Parker’s favorite place because he’s generally happy everywhere we go.  His favorite foods are fries and cheese, though not together.

He loves shoes and wears them 24/7.  No, really.  He sleeps in them.  He just found a new (to him) shoe in his room and came to me saying, “Shoe, off.  Shoe, off.”  That meant, “Please put my shoe on, Mommy.”  Once I obliged him, I told him to go find the other one. Five minutes later he returned, “jfdklsj, shoe.  fjdwkl, shoe.”  That meant, “Other shoe.  Other shoe.”  He is now running around the house in a matching pair of shoes that he selected from his stash.  Kid loves some shoes!

He still sucks his thumb. (No idea how we’ll break that, or if we will manage by the time he goes to college.)

He also still loves his snugglie, though I don’t intend to break that one.  I don’t remember when I transitioned the bigs from a cloth diaper to the blankets that they slept with for years… eh.  For now a diaper cloth works.  We began making him leave it in the crib several months ago and he’s only allowed to have it at nap and bed time.   When he reaches for me in the morning he drops it immediately and starts asking for whatever’s on his mind, be it a train, ca-chow, or a brother.

At two years old he’s traveled so many places and can claim to have been in Germany, Austria, France, England, Belgium, Holland, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, and of course, the good ole USA.

He is friendly with everyone, even if they’re new to him.  His child care teachers love him and seem to enjoy watching him when I go to church or teach PWOC or Co-Op.  Today he actually said “Peace” to his teacher as he left.  Surprised even me!  Apparently the bigs are teaching him interesting salutations.  He will usually say, “Bye,” or “Tchüss.”

His favorite movie is Cars – 2, but will happily watch the original verison when the family wants to change it up a bit.

There are so many more things I could share about my little man but I’ll save them for another day.  For now, I’ll just say I love this sweet baby.


His birth story is here.  (Warning… it is kind of graphic.  The text, not the images.)

His “First Birthday” blog post is here.

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6 Responses to Look Who’s TWO!

  1. Donna Castle says:

    Happy Birthday, Parker. Though you were not at Ft. Carson, you were talked about!!

  2. Love his signature laugh….mouth wide open…making sure he gets his laugh and you have been able to capture that so many times and it’s so adorable…..!!!

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