Amsterdam – Hard Rock Café

6 March 2012 – Tuesday evening

After we got all of our stuff settled in to the Orange Tulip we promptly left again in search of the neon lights that Matt had been anxious to see.  No, not THOSE neon lights.  We didn’t venture anywhere near the Red Light District. I’m referring to the lights of Hard Rock Café.

Our meal was wonderful, and I admit I, was surprised by that.  I am not a big fan but that hamburger was probably the best I’ve had since I arrived in Europe.  Its tastiness equaled the ribs at the Hard Rock in London, which is saying a lot.  The boys enjoyed their meals as we ate overlooking a canal.

Our walk back to our hotel was nice and the weather was great.

Below is a picture of the boys at Dam Square.

The above picture was taken in front of the Royal Palace, which you can see more clearly below.

A canal at dusk.

A canal after dark.

Our big family is ever-fascinated by the tiny cars in Europe!

Once we were back at the Tulip we put on “ca-chow” and put Parker in the pack-n-play.  Though our hotel was on the dingy, out-dated side, we were fairly comfortable.  I felt like we were getting what we paid for and I was fine with that.  Until Carson decided he wanted a shower…

We had no hot water in the shower.  He actually “showered” by filling a cup of water with warm water from the sink and walking back and forth between the sink and the shower stall.  We told them about the problem and the next day, after a couple of hours of working on it, we finally had hot water in our shower stall.  It was interesting.

While I would probably not stay in this hotel again, I don’t necessarily regret the choice.  We saved a lot of money by staying here, but I’m pretty sure that if I went back, I’d stay somewhere a little nicer.

Regarding sleep, I was actually impressed with how well we slept, even in a hotel I just said I wouldn’t stay in again.  The very first time I put Parker in the pack-n-play he was quite unhappy with me.  We really needed him contained for a few minutes while we got sorted out so he eventually just had to get over it.  After that initial complaint, he did great in his containment device.  Both nights he slept through the night without any trouble; it helped that I played his familiar “mountain lake” on an iPod.  It actually helped all of us as there were people talking in the alley outside our window and in the hallway.  White noise.  I simply can’t say enough good things about it!

Normally you might be able to expect Amsterdam – the next installment – to be posted tomorrow.  But guess what?!?  Tomorrow is a special day around here!  Somebody’s having a birthday and turning TWO!  It’s so hard to believe!

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