Shutter speeds, aperture, and Signac

Monday I taught my forth session of this Co-op semester.  In our previous weeks I had taught them the mechanics of photography, giving them a few minutes at the end of each class to try out what I had taught.

This week I gave them the entire hour to practice and experiment and they had a blast.  I was really pleased with this image, taken by one of the students.  (Yes, I let a student hold my Nikon D300s.  They have to learn somehow…)

While there is a bit of camera shake (as is evidenced by the blur of my left hand), the student did a fairly good job of showing motion through the slowing down of the shutter speed.  (This was at 1/25 of a second, so almost anyone would show camera shake.  My point was to show them how to get blur in a subject that was in motion… see my right hand.)

We also talked about aperture and this was a picture I took as a demonstration.

We practiced getting the subject (marker) in focus, leaving the background blurry.  We would then try to get as much in focus as we possibly could.

I think the students had a really good time.

After that class I was a sub for art.  HAHA!  I’m so not artsy!  I followed the real teacher’s instructions as closely as I could and I think the students did a great job based on what I told them.  We did an artist study of Paul Signac and then practiced with pointillism.

A student’s sketch…

I’m really regretting not taking pictures of the final products.  If I can find the boys’ finished Signac-inspired works I’lll update this later.


And, now it’s later.

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