Practice Birthday Party

Parker has a friend who just turned two and we were invited to his birthday party.  The kids enjoyed playing with all the party favors during the party and I simply couldn’t resist the babies in these glasses:

I really though Rebecca was going to pass out with all the energy she was putting into keeping that ball in the air!  She had mastered this skill and had even advanced to walking around the room while keeping the ball floating.

And this is what happens when all the attention turns to a two-year old.  (Carson did the same thing for his first 4 birthdays!)

While I am not happy that time is going by so fast, I am excited for Parker to have his own party coming up.  It’ll be a small affair, squished with his big brother, “Bolly,” but we will celebrate him nonetheless.

(Aside from these few tears, all was well and good until Ben started getting “Ca-chows” as gifts… It was interesting telling Parker that those cars weren’t his!)

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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