Ease ’em into it…

As I’ve mentioned, we’re going to visit Amsterdam very soon.  In order to get the most out of our trip, I am teaching the boys in advance about some of the things we’ll see.   We’re going to be using our “Story of the World” time from now until then to really learn as much as is appropriate about Anne Frank and the time period she lived in.  She was from Frankfurt… just a few minutes from my house.  Who knows… maybe she visited Wiesbaden a time or two.

I’ve reserved a few books from the library and the first one to come in was “Willie and Max: A Holocaust Story.”  The boys know a little about WWII and Nazi history but I have a feeling my boys are about to have their little worlds rocked.

I’m glad “Willie and Max” was the first book we read.  It tells a side-story with no details about the actual Holocaust.  Yesterday as I read it to the boys, even Parker was intrigued by the beautiful pictures the illustrator had created.  “SEE!?!  SEE?!?” he would say when I turned the book back my way.  He was on blanket time and wanted to “SEE!”  As we learn more, I’ll gauge how much information they will need and what they are able to handle.  I’m easing them into this subject, one I didn’t study in depth until high school.

After we finished reading “Willie and Max” I opened the Anne Frank museum website. This thing is FABULOUS!  You can virtually walk through the entire house.  In each room you can click on special icons to hear information about what occurred there.  We spent 45 minutes listening to excerpts from Anne’s diary and learning additional information about life in hiding.  The boys were captivated and when I told them that it was time to change subjects, they were all disappointed!  We will be spending more time “inside the house” today.  I highly recommend you check out this website!

(Bailey’s just now telling Matt about it.  I really think this is going to be a long-lasting lesson.  The part of the story he is sharing is about when the green-grocer who always delivered potatoes to them was arrested for also hiding Jews in his home.  This was a huge problem because the people living in the Annex heavily replied on potatoes during their time in hiding.  I love how he just told Matt that when you click on a door to go into another room it becomes “add-i-mated.”  Also known as “animated.”)

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  1. leamuse says:

    If you are visiting The home where The Frank Family was hiding, you are right next to The Westerkirk Church. Climbing up to the top and walking along its terrace, you can see all of Amsterdam!

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