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Do you have something to say…

…or do you have to say something? Good question. See, I had this secret desire to write something every day.  I wanted to go 366 days without missing a post, but as it turns out, I might not have 366 … Continue reading

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Carson’s 9!

We had a great time yesterday celebrating Carson’s birthday. First, we went to Rudesheim to a store Carson had really enjoyed when we went there during the Christmas Market season. There he picked out three knights that he can use … Continue reading

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~Celebrating Carson~

I love being a mom to boys.  Carson was the first one to make me that.  Before February 17, 2003 I was a mom to a boy… Carson made me a mom to boys.   He was born with the cutest … Continue reading

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52 Things I Love About You

So for our sweet anniversary 13 days ago I was at a loss for what to give Matt.  That’s when I wrote a note to him about the fact that we have now been together for half our lives.  He, … Continue reading

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A Post-it Note Love

My husband has been using Post-It notes to say, “I love you,” for years. He leaves them around the house for me to find when he goes on trips or even on just random days.  I have one that he … Continue reading

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Static Electricity

We have moved from our Simple Machines chapter into Electricity and last week we had a fun time experimenting with it.  The Switched on Schoolhouse lesson plans came with a few ideas to try, and I just found another website that has a … Continue reading

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Teaching again…

…and in front of more than three people at one time.  AND, they’re all kids! I really enjoyed our first session of photography co-op class.  I think most of the kids had fun and some of the students even sent … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day is not for boys…

You want proof?  You shoulda been at my dining room table while I was cooking dinner.  Bailey, who had played hard all day, was in tears filling out those things! Bailey:  “Why do I have to do this?!?” Me:  “Because, you’re … Continue reading

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Shopping alone.

Today I had several errands to run.  I rarely go without kids so it was a treat to hit the stores alone.  Before I left I transferred money from our “savings” account (not our emergency fund) to mine, budgeting what … Continue reading

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Could American Parents Lose the Right to Homeschool?

I know that I take for granted my right to homeschool.  Because I was homeschooled for three years it just seems like something I’ll always have the freedom to do.  I remember the moment my mom brought the idea up to … Continue reading

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