A ‘Celebrating Carson’ Compilation

Carson had so much fun this weekend and I believe he really felt special.  I sort of wondered if he’d regret not having a traditional party but so far he’s seemed very happy with his choice.

Here is a short video that shows a bit of Carson’s weekend.

At one point Carson opens a gift from his Grammy.  It was an adorable sock monkey that Parker wanted to hold.  We let him, but as soon as he got it he freaked out.  We had to get his reaction on video so we showed it to him one more time, and then hid it.  The poor monkey has been banished until I can take the time to show Parker that there is nothing to be afraid of.  Poor kid.

My mom was watching the festivities via skype and she had decided to video the fun with her phone so she could show Papa later.  Here’s the “muggy” scene from her perspective:

I think my favorite part of the weekend was the trip to Rüdesheim.  It was just a very relaxing time and all four boys enjoyed it.  They especially loved playing by the water and watching the boats.  I’d have to guess that Carson’s favorite part was having a sleep-over with Nathan, who lives a few hours away now.  I’m so happy sweet Carson felt special and loved this weekend.  Today I am going to compile all his online birthday wishes into one document.  I’ll print a copy for him to have in hand and then use them in our 2012 scrapbook.

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