Do you have something to say…

…or do you have to say something?

Good question. See, I had this secret desire to write something every day.  I wanted to go 366 days without missing a post, but as it turns out, I might not have 366 things to write about.

So, I guess this post is because I have to say something, not because I have something to say.

But while I’m here… today I had a funny thing happen.  I was accused of stealing crayons from church.  Not only was I accused of it, I was guilty.  See, my friend sent me a message last night asking if I could check the chapel for her brand new box of crayons that she had left there after Co-Op on Monday.

I replied that I’d check and promptly set an alarm in my phone to remind me this morning before I left for church.

As an old-school back-up I wrote “Crayons” on my hand.

As soon as worship started I glanced down and saw the reminder on my hand.  Before I could forget I stepped out of church and went to find my friend’s box of crayons.  Sure enough, right where she said they’d be was a box of brand new crayons.  I grabbed them, took the back to church, and placed them under my seat.

Worship was great, and the sermon was fantastic.  (I’m not biased.  Not at all.)  After church I spoke to a few friends and was about to leave when our fabulous children’s church director came up and asked where I got those crayons.  I explained to her that they were my friend’s and she had left them here earlier this week.

She said that that wasn’t right and that these were her crayons; she had purchased them for Children’s Church.


I gave them right to her, still totally confused.  I went back to the classroom to discover another box of new crayons…  Yep.  Convicted and found guilty of theft while standing in the sanctuary.  Not a good thing for a Chaplain’s wife.

I thought it was pretty funny!  Fortunately she did, too!

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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