Teaching again…

…and in front of more than three people at one time.  AND, they’re all kids!

I really enjoyed our first session of photography co-op class.  I think most of the kids had fun and some of the students even sent in the optional homework.  I had asked them to send in examples of what they learned: we had discussed some of the rules of composition, including the rule of thirds, balance, contrast, framing, leading lines, etc.

Some of my students emailed me this week images they had taken that demonstrate their understanding of the rules (which are more like guides than rules).   I need to get permission from their parents before I post any of their images, but I was super proud of them!  Can’t wait to teach them about shutter speeds!

Hayden and Carson ended up taking the same three classes:  photography (their teacher was more than happy about this), then an art class, followed by a survival skills class.  They both really had fun and are very excited to go back.

Bailey took health and then two back-to-back classes of art.  I was actually concerned about him because he tends to wear out more quickly than his brothers and he also gets overwhelmed and cranky after long periods of time away from home.  His teacher actually called him “a dream” and said that she learned a lot about Tron.  I can honestly say I’m not surprised about the Tron lessons he gave her!

Parker loved his time in the nursery and made a new friend.  During lunch break we ate in the fellowship hall and Parker made himself at home on one of the tables since I couldn’t find a high chair.  I guess it’s a good thing he’s not a wiggly or wild baby!

Why yes, I am teaching a photography class and then using a poorly lit, horribly blurry picture taken from my iPhone. The reason is because I didn't have my D300s nearby and I was too lazy to go get it. There. Now you know.

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  1. Jess says:

    I think co-ops are awesome ideas 🙂

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