Shopping alone.

Today I had several errands to run.  I rarely go without kids so it was a treat to hit the stores alone.  Before I left I transferred money from our “savings” account (not our emergency fund) to mine, budgeting what I was going to spend at each place.

As soon as I arrived at Mainz Kastel I withdrew all the cash and Euro I would need for the day and for Carson’s birthday weekend.

I then went into the toy store to buy a couple gifts for Carson’s upcoming birthday as well as one for another party the boys have been invited to.  I was thrilled to have a coupon for one of the items I purchased and I left the store right on target.

I then headed to the PX to grab a few odds and ins, including Valentine’s Day Cards.  I left there having purchased a few extra things than I intended, but still came out at budget.

Of course, what outing is complete without a trip to the Commissary?  So, in I went.  Thanks to careful planning and coupons, I came in $2 under budget and was THRILLED!  However, when budgeting I forgot to add in the tip for the bagger so by the time I was at the car, I was out of dollars.  I gave him Euro instead… hope he didn’t mind.  It was Euro or a “thank you & a hand-shake.”

While at the commissary I got the food I needed PLUS I finally made a request for the store to order Dr. Pepper 10.  I can’t wait to try this stuff!  I hope they don’t call me later saying that they can’t get that here.  In addition to the groceries and the Dr. Pepper request, I also ordered Carson’s birthday cake.  I had taken pictures of anything knight related in the cake catalogue and he chose the one with a knight riding a horse.  I’m not a huge fan of commissary cakes.  I am seriously thinking of taking a cake-making/decorating course when I get back to the states so I can do these things on my own.  My cake ladies always move… either that or I move.

On the way to the car I ran into a friend and as we talked about shopping without kids she reminded of the cartoon that’s been all over Facebook lately.  I thought I’d share:

Thanks, Babe, for letting me get out of the house for a few hours!

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2 Responses to Shopping alone.

  1. Ember is the child that will lay and throw a fit in the middle of the commisary parking lot. I can relate to this.

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