Parker loves the Smurfs

Sometime in December we decided we wanted to go see the Smurf movie.  Problem is, when you take 6 people to a movie theater and buy them popcorn, you end up spending about $35.  We can BUY movies cheaper than that and the popcorn we make at home is better (and better for us) than what you get at the theater.  Plus, Parker enjoys himself more at home than in a theater.  So, instead of taking the family to see the movie, we bought it and watched it at home.

The evening we watched it I noticed Parker had snuck over to Hayden’s popcorn and was taking some.  I watched a few minutes and then pulled out my video camera.  I caught him eat a few pieces and then he went back and sat down at his own bowl.  I put the camera away thinking the cuteness was over, and then I noticed he was sharing with Carson.  In fact, he shared so much Carson ran out of room for it and he had to dump some back into the bowl.  It was a cute interaction so I grabbed the video camera again and captured round two of Parker sharing his popcorn.

It was just after this that the song came on and Parker started rocking.  I decided to let the camera roll and he went for it.  In fact, he jammed so hard I was crying.  Over the course of the next few days Parker would ask for the “lala” song and would proceed to dance and play the air guitar and when the song was over, he’d say, “mo?  mo?  mo?” until we played it some more.

One afternoon in January I happened to be nearby with my iPhone so I got ready when the song was about to play.  Sure enough, he jammed.  He listened to that song 3-4 times and danced all over the place.

Because this journal is about my my family and my life, I can’t resist sharing this with you.  If you’re one of the boys’ grandparents, you’ll love it!  If you like dancing babies, you’ll love it.  If not, feel free to skip it.

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2 Responses to Parker loves the Smurfs

  1. Pam M. says:

    I LOVE his laugh! And he definitely has some moves!~!!!!

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