Dublin – Castles and Bullet Holes (Day 4)

Monday morning we slept in a little and took it easy as we only had a few things left that we really wanted to do.  We had planned the first three days to be pretty full so that we’d be sure to get in.  That left Monday for us to be able to catch anything that fell off the itinerary due to missed busses or sheer exhaustion.  Since neither of those two things happened, we had seen everything that was on our “must see” list and so we went down to the “if we have time” list.

Dublin Castle was on the second list so we used our One-Day Rambler and caught a city bus to the main hub of town (Starbucks area).  The rambler cost us each 6.20 and we used it to get to the main part of town and then to get us to the airport.  It might have been better to just buy Airlink tickets.  Those are the blue busses that only pick up at specific spots rather than at all the city bus stops.  If you’re planning a trip to Dublin, call the Dublin Pass people and ask which is a more convenient ticket.  We really didn’t need to take the bus from the hotel into the city, as I had mentioned, it was only a 10 minute walk.  But we had paid for the rambler and, doggoneit, we were gonna use it.

From the Starbucks area we walked about five minutes to the Dublin Castle, which isn’t the sort of castle I’m used to seeing.  It was more like a presidential home.  It was an interesting tour and I’m glad we were able to see this.  After hearing the history of the 1916 Easter Rising and after seeing the place where Connolly was executed, it was fascinating to see where he had been brought to recover just enough to be taken to his execution.

I have to give credit to Matt for spotting this beautiful scene.  He pointed it out to me and I went back to capture it.

Toward the end of the tour our  minds had already left the castle and were five minutes away at Burdocks.  Ever since our amazing dinner there the night before we were looking forward to lunch when we could have it again.  I fully expect to see our names beside Sandra Bullock’, Russell Crowe’s, and Charlize Theron’s the next time we go there.

Matt loves to hit all the Hard Rock Cafés we can find.  Since we had run out of meals we decided to stop in for dessert.

Before we left Dublin wanted to go see the Post Office that had been the location of the 1916 Easter Rising.  Click here to see a picture of it taken at that time.

There are still marks from the bullet holes on the columns outside.  (Not 100% sure this is one of those bullet holes, but I’ll go with it.)

After we toured the museum inside we caught a bus and headed to the airport.  We got there so early we had a blessed hour to read at the Starbucks.  We then grabbed dinner to eat at our gate and played cards until we caught our plane.

An absolutely fantastic trip and we will remember it as one of our favorites.

A quick note of thanks to the Joneses who stayed with our boys for four days and kept them in line and safe the whole time.  Not many people are brave enough to do that!

We had watched Kayla for two nights the weekend before.  We assured them that they need to go away on another weekend get-away before we can even begin to feel we’ve paid our debt!

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3 Responses to Dublin – Castles and Bullet Holes (Day 4)

  1. Looks like you had an amazing trip! And I do the same as your hubby — I have to hit Hard Rock Cafe’s if I’m in a town with one, and get a t-shirt. 🙂 So far, I have ones from NYC, St. Louis, and Orlando. I’ve also been to Niagra Falls (lost my t-shirt from there) and the one in Cleveland (not sure why I didn’t buy one!).

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