Dublin – Glendalough, actually. (Day 3)

After lunch we headed to Glendalough, a town with a rich history that is centered on the monastery that was in service from the 6th century through 1214.  Wikipedia says:  that the “monastery in its heyday included workshops, areas for manuscript writing and copying, guest houses, an infirmary, farm buildings and dwellings for both the monks and a large lay population. The buildings which survive probably date from between the 10th and 12th centuries.”

Glendalough – This link provides a history of the monastery.  I am having a hard time coming up with the words to properly do this part of our day justice.  Stunning beauty.


At the end of our leisurely walk around the lower lake we sat inside the warming room provided by the little snack stand and played several rounds of Hamrick Rummy.

After the monastery we headed back towards Dublin. Along the way we saw the reservoir the country uses to create electricity for the area but, possibly more importantly according to Dubliners, the water Guinness uses to brew its beer.  (Do you see the sheep and the green rolling hills?!?  IRELAND!!)

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4 Responses to Dublin – Glendalough, actually. (Day 3)

  1. Mary Freelove says:

    Okay, these photos make it apparent what you *really* need to do is take a group of budding photographic wannabe’s (like myself, ideally) to someplace exceptionally scenic (like Glendalough, for instance) and illustrate to us how you select, take and produce such exquisite photographs! These are *so* well done.
    Seriously, I could easily see you scheduling a long weekend with a small group of 3-4 women and their cameras, (a la your Salzburg trip) and everyone taking Ryan Air to a location like this, and you giving a mini-photography course, primarily by illustrating to them what you’re doing and why. If I were a member of such a group, I would certainly pay my travel fees, plus a course fee for the instruction. Perhaps with four participants all paying you for your insight and your experience/skills, you could at least cover the cost of your own travel, if not make a small profit?
    I could *so* see you doing that, if it were feasible to schedule time away from Matt and the boys. Of course, with so many amazing sites here locally, you could probably start with half-day instruction locally, to decide if it was something you enjoyed…
    I have always wanted to find someone to take me out and about and ‘tutor’ me on the use of this slick camera I’ve got… I’d certainly pay for the privilege.
    Don’t know if it’s something you’ve ever considered, but your photographs are always such a delight…
    Mary F.

    • Jennifer says:

      Wow, you are TOO KIND! And by that I mean too kind! 🙂

      While I’d be happy to take a girl’s trip to just about anywhere in the world, I can tell you how to easily learn what I know and be taking much better pictures in a very short period of time! If you’re interested in that, you can take “Oh Shoot!” (EXTENDED VERSION if available) on http://www.jessicasprague.com.

      Otherwise, if you want to come over one day we really can play with your camera and I can show you what I’ve learned. I was shown all this stuff in a one-day workshop that I actually hosted in my own home Christmastime of 2010 and it all went over my head. It’s like I was trying to eat an elephant all in one bite. The class I mentioned above broke it down into manageable pieces of a much tastier meat than elephant! 🙂

      If you decide you want to come over, email me (or FB me, either way) and we’ll get something on the calendar. I hear you have only a short time remaining here… something about a futon and a fireplace?!?


  2. Jennifer Rogers-Cooper says:

    I am amazed! Your pictures do Ireland great justice! BEAUTIFUL!!!

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