Dublin – Pubs (Day 2)

After we left the Jameson Distillery we headed toward our last activity for the day.  By this time I was pretty tired, but some of the views along the walk from the distillery to the meeting point of the Musical Pub Crawl were simply stunning.  I didn’t have a tripod with me or I would have been tempted to skip the crawl and take more pictures.

I couldn’t resist this picture!  It was in the window of one of the pubs we passed.  (For those who don’t know us well, our third son’s name is Bailey.)

When we arrived at the meeting point for the Musical Pub Crawl I got a little nervous.  The crowd inside was more lively than I was feeling and I told Matt that if that was our group, he was gonna owe me big time.  His reply, “I guess I’m gonna have to owe you.”

Fortunately, the limbo-playing group was left behind as we headed upstairs to a more reserved group of people and we actually had enough time to play a few hands of Hill Rummy before the crawl actually started.

The musicians took us to the first stop on our crawl and we were among the last people in the room. That meant all the up-close uncomfortable stools were taken so I gladly sat on a comfy couch near the back.  Matt had to stand up when he wanted to see the musicians play their instruments.  When we went to the next pub I made sure to get as close to the front as possible, though I ended up getting us BEHIND the guitarist so Matt still didn’t get to watch the action!  I tried.

(See the bridge in the picture behind the musicians?  That’s the bridge in the picture I took as we walked to the meeting place.  In 1919 it used to cost half a pence (half a penny… ha’penny) to cross.  Thus it’s name, Ha’Penny Bridge.)

The musicians told many stories and shared the history of the music of the area.  It was a really neat evening, even if I was quite exhausted by this time.  Americans, if you do this activity, please don’t get so loud and obnoxious that you start a conversation in the back of the room and talk OVER the musicians that we all paid to hear.  Other Americans will hang their had in shame that you are one of us and will “SHHHHH” you in front of the crowd.  Yep. We paid for the tour, too.  If you want to drink and chat, go to another pub and leave the rest of us to enjoy the evening.   (For the record, I was not the American shusshing the loud one.  Neither was Matt, but we were both inwardly cheering the shussher.)

In the video below, the man playing the violin is the same guy in the link I shared above.  Pretty cool!

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3 Responses to Dublin – Pubs (Day 2)

  1. I absolutely loved the fiddle player in this video! Wanted to ask what kind of video equipment you are using as well>

    • Jennifer says:

      The fiddle player was great!! I was using my DSLR. Nikon D300S. It is not made to be a persons only video camera but is nice to have in situations like this.

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