Dublin – Whiskey (Day 2)

After a cold visit to the gaol we rode the Hop On Hop Off to Jameson Distillery.  We arrived 10 minutes before the next tour was to start:  perfect timing!

We had heard that some people were given the chance to be whiskey tasters at the end of the tour so when the guide asked for volunteers, Matt raised his hand.  He was selected as one of eight volunteers.

I think the process of making anything is fascinating so this was a neat tour, especially as we had also done the beer tour earlier this day.  I’m sure I could bore you with the details of the difference between beer and whiskey but that would mean I had to have been listening a lot better than I was.  Whiskey is distilled (heated and fill-in-the-process-here) while beer is not.

Jameson whiskey is distilled three times, making it quite special, I’m sure.  (I don’t like whiskey, either.)

Toward the end of the tour Matt and his seven co-volunteers sat at the head table with three whiskeys in front of them.  Jack Daniels (American), Jameson (Irish), and Scotch (Scottish).  The guide explained the difference in how all three were made and then let each participant try the one she was explaining. I smelled the Scotch and you really could tell how the barley was malted.  Jameson was heated (malted) with a smokeless source of heat while Scotch has a very smokey flavor due to the heating process being done with a lot of smoke.  (I am sure I completely undermined the entire brewing/distilling processes of both beer and whiskey and I will receive complaints and corrections.  I’m cool with that.)

Again, some of the nicest people we met were the employees of the tour.  I’m telling you… the Irish are some very friendly people, though I never saw a single Dubliner wearing a, “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” shirt.

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