Dublin – Beer (Day 2)

Looking at that title, the preachers of my childhood/youth are likely to wonder what’s gone wrong with this good old Baptist girl!  I’ll just say, “When in Dublin…”

Day two of our trip was a whirlwind of fitting as much in as possible.  I’m going to split the second day’s activities into several posts because it’s just too much to put all in one.  (My original title for this post was:  Dublin – Beer, Jail, Whiskey, and Bars.  That title might have sparked an intervention.)

We started by having breakfast at our hotel.  When booking our room online it was going to cost an extra 40€ per night to have breakfast included.  The breakfast was only 9.95€ a person so we saved half of the price by paying it in person than by prepaying!  It was a pretty good breakfast so we actually ate there two mornings.  The third morning we grabbed bagels and donuts from the convenience store next door.

Our first stop of the day was the Guinness Storehouse.  This was a fascinating place and we really enjoyed our time there.  It would have been amazing had we just walked up and taken the self guided tour, but we actually had VIP tickets.  That meant we had some extras that the general public didn’t have access to.  For one, we had a tour guide take us around and tell us everything that he knew about the process.  Then, when we did the “Pour a Pint” we were taken into a private banquet hall instead of using the tap most of the guests use.  When we did our taste test, the guide went to the back and brought out an additional kind of Guinness for Matt to taste.  (African something or other.  VERY STRONG.)  Finally, we had lunch in one of the restaurants upstairs overlooking the city.  The Guinness tour was definitely a highlight of our trip.

The Storehouse has an entire room that demonstrates the process of making their famous beer.  You can even touch the grain in their hands-on exhibit.  They told us about the area where they get the water they use and we were able to go see that the next day.

Though I don’t really like beer at all, Guinness is the best one I’ve tasted so far.  I think I could actually finish a pint of it, though I didn’t.  Coffee is my drink of choice!

Guinness Fact:  The Guinness Book of World Records was created by a director of the Guinness Brewery as a way to settle disputes.  The one that inspired the creation of the book was bird was Europe’s fastest game bird.  Now, there’s an app for that.  🙂

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2 Responses to Dublin – Beer (Day 2)

  1. bearrunner says:

    Sounds lovely


    • Jennifer says:

      It was lovely! I think it’s funny how, as the day went on, I took less and less pictures. Compare the quality.quantity of pictures from “Beer” to “Whiskey” and you’ll see it was a long day. Plus the Guinness tour had a lot of natural light AND it was during the day. The Jameson Distillery was completely indoor and, had it been daylight, none would have reached my photos. Both tours were wonderful and worth the visit, though.

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