Making a magnet

I admit I am not a science teacher.  I don’t absolutely love preparing science lessons or experiments, so when I heard about SOS, I was thrilled.

Switched on Schoolhouse is the curriculum we use for science and it has all the boys’ lessons, questions, experiments, reports, grades, etc., all on the computer.  I purchased the fourth grade level to use for all three boys because I want them to stay together and learn the same thing.  I just make Hayden and Carson do more work than Bailey, and I read the text to Bailey, while the others work independently.

I had also purchased the kit that was sold by a separate company which included many of the things I would need for each experiment.  Like iron filings.  Who has that stuff?!?  I was so glad I had purchased that kit when it came time to do an experiment last week.  (I wrote about SOS as well as the company that sells the kit here.)

Here are a few pictures of the bigs turning a plain old nail into a magnet.  Carson even drew his name in iron filings.

Parker was happy as long as he had cheese to snack on.

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2 Responses to Making a magnet

  1. Jess says:

    I love that you are learning right along your kids 🙂

    • Jennifer says:

      We really do have fun. I know you are happy with public school so I’m not trying to drag you to the homeschool side, but you would make a great homeschool mom! (You’d love the “nowhere to go” mornings, too!

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