Let’s Skype…

Skype is the connection between many friends around the world as it allows free, instant communication with each other.

With the Hills in England and the Hamricks and Joneses in Germany, we were able to catch up and visit, letting the bigs and babies see each other.

I don’t know what was funnier… the babies squealing in delight at seeing their buddies or the bigs waving like monkeys behind the recliner at Owen, all of them talking in funny voices.

It was a chaotic few minutes but we still had fun and enjoyed being somewhat together and planning our upcoming trip to the UK. (I’m not referring to the trip Matt and I are on right now, but the one in a few months where those of us in Germany will travel to visit the Hills. During this trip the dads are going on a Mancation to Scotland while the moms plan to take the kids to Cadbury World! So exciting!  As a bit of a geography lesson, only Northern Ireland is part of the UK, using pounds as their currency.  The part of Ireland Matt and I are in is not a part of the UK, and it uses the Euro.  If you want to watch an interesting movie about this topic, Michael Collins is a good one.)

If you look closely you can see that Matt is holding Parker and Kayla. Connor is waving to his friends.

Some of the time Connor just watched as Kayla and Parker played on the floor.

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