I remember the joy on their faces when my bigs were babies and they would be given a lollipop by Grampy, an elderly gentlemen at our church.  I had a brilliant idea one day that would save us all a big mess, entertain the boys, and clean them all at the same time. I let them eat their lollipops in the bathtub!  I eventually started doing this with popsicles as well.

Good memories.

Last night at my Bible Study a lady had a great question that we have all likely dealt with at one time or another.

“When presented with two options, how do you know which one God wants for you to pick?”

The topic of our Bible Study for this semester of PWOC is about hearing what God is saying to you and the book we’re using is Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer.   My answer can only be that of my own experience and when Matt and I face a decision, we look for a sense of peace regarding one.  If we have two options before us, when we settle on one and feel a sense of peace, we feel certain we are selecting the one God wants for us.  When we feel an unsettling in our spirits and keep second guessing ourselves, searching for more information, etc., we have to decide if we are just nervous about a new thing or if we are feeling the Spirit telling us we’ve made the wrong decision.

The biggest example in our lives to date was when we first felt it was time to prepare our hearts to leave FCBC.  We thought God was telling us to GO.  Right then.  When it came down to it we were unsettled and the lack of peace was straining us even to the point we couldn’t sleep well.  When we finally stopped looking for a different place of ministry, we took a deep breath of relief and slept.  No.  I really mean it.  We made the decision to stay (while in the car, driving home) and when we got there, the four of us slept the rest of the afternoon away, getting the best sleep we’d had in ages.  It was two years before God really meant for us to leave and so many great things happened to us and in us during those two years.  For us, an unsettled spirit means we are not following what God has intended for us.  A peace that passes understanding means we are.  (Philippians 4:7)

After sharing that example with my friend, another lady spoke up and her response filled me with joy!  It was so beautiful that I am still basking in it this morning!

She said that this particular situation had happened to her twice in her life.

Presented with two options she prayed and sought God’s will for her.  These two options, on paper, had exactly the same amount of pros and cons.  God didn’t give her a remarkable sense of peace or a lack of peace about either one.  What He did was present her with a vision, so to speak.  An image of herself and her child.  She was standing before her child offering the choice between a blue lollipop and a red one.  She didn’t have a preference which one her child chose, she really just wanted her child to get to pick.  In two instances in her life she felt that God had placed two options in front of her and and said, “Either one, my daughter.  I will bless either one.  I really just want you to pick the one you want.”

Wow!  My heart leapt because it made so much sense!  Most of the time we get so caught up in trying to pick the right one, and we really should seek God’s will every time, but be prepared for Him to occasionally say, “My child, I’m okay with either one.  You pick.”

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2 Responses to Lollipops

  1. Pam M. says:

    Love this post!!! I’ve never thought about choices this way…always thought there was ONE right one. I can see how this would be with my Father! Thank you!

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