Parker Loves Daddy’s Guitar

Not apologizing, just letting you know. This video is one of those (I have now made a category for these) that the majority of you may be bored to tears watching.  There are also some clips within this video that are definitely to be categorized as “puke cam” but I assure you, I edited out the worst of them.

On the night I videoed this (many months ago) Matt was playing guitar in the living room and Parker was in rare form.  He always dances to the guitar, but on this particular evening he wanted the guitar.

A few bits of information that will prove helpful to those of you who have six minutes of your life you can give away:

  • “Ta” means, “guitar,” and when Parker rubs his hand on his chest he’s saying, “please.”
  • We are fully aware that we are from the South and that the way we say ‘guitar’ is probably different from most of you.  We’re okay with that.
  • Finally, we don’t normally allow fit-throwing like Parker displays in this video but it was so funny we simply couldn’t resist it!


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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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