A Hill Farewell

It’s really hard to surprise Jessica. Really hard. She usually ends up pulling “a Jessica” and either finds out that something is up or even WHAT is up.
But we got her. FINALLY!

We had LOTS of food and it was all delicious!  So many people brought goodies to share.

I made Pepperoncini Beef Sandwiches, which turned out to be quite a hit!  (Not my recipe, I assure you, but one I found “Our Best Bites.”  Totally yummy!  If you like steak and cheese sandwiches, this recipe is for you!)  I think in the end I whipped up 30 sandwiches!

Matt really dressed up for the occasion!  Anything for the Hill Family.  (Okay, so maybe he had a work thing that happened to occur at the same time but it sounded good.)

The picture below shows some of the guests who attended the party.  I was pretty much in the kitchen a lot of the afternoon so pictures are scarce.  In total, 43 people showed up to give love to the Hills and one family sent a letter via email from Italy expressing their love.  (I printed it and put it in an envelope for them to read… that family would have been at the party had they still been in Wiesbaden.)

This day was not one of happiness, but still, we had a good day. That morning we had enjoyed having Jessica and Zak on the ChapelNext Praise Team one last time and Matt prayed over their upcoming transitions.

Last night the Joneses were here so we all Skyped with the Hills.  It was SO FUNNY to watch the babies talk to each other.  The bigs were just silly, waving and using crazy voices.  We miss them so much and are thankful for Skype… and for the fact that we are going to see them in a few months.  (I was going to include the “week count” but that sort of depressed me.  It felt close until I got up past ‘ten weeks’ so I stopped counting.)


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  1. Ashea says:

    Where did they move?

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