10 on 10 : January 2012

In March of 2011 I participated in the photo challenge 10 on 10 hosted by “a bit of sunshine.” I really had a great time and have intended to do it again. Each month would roll by and I would realize that I had missed the date.  I corrected that problem by setting a reminder in my phone to alert me on the 9th.  Guess what?!?  IT WORKED!

Here are my 10 photos from January 10th, 2012:

8:00 – I wanted to get a picture of one of my Christmas presents all lit up.  It was interesting trying to get the warmth of the candle while it was already light outside.  I tried several different things, including indoor lights on and off, and was finally satisfied with them on.  I love how the light comes from the little window in the lamp shade!

9:00 – One of my favorite times of the day.  I get to play with Parker for thirty minutes, uninterrupted, every morning, thanks to our MOTH schedule.  In this session I was introducing him to toys his big brothers had played with at his age.  Later, his oldest brother, Hayden, came in and I got pictures of the two of them together.  Melted my heart!

10:00 – I was scheduled to check the boys’ math work and so I did just that.  We use Teaching Textbooks so I just needed to open the computer and see how they were doing.  (Note the iCal alarm that had popped up as yet another reminder!)

11:00 – Bailey and I do science together.  It’s a 4th grade curriculum and since Bailey’s in the 2nd grade, I read all the text to him and then we go through the questions together.  (We use Switched on Schoolhouse.)

12:00 – Lunch.  Parker ate home made meatballs and popcorn.  I’m not winning right now when it comes to feeding my family but doggone it I’m rocking the schedule!

1:00 – Our regularly scheduled Tuesday afternoon visit with friends.  This was the first time we had a Tuesday coffee-date minus Jessica and Connor so we felt like we were missing a part of ourselves.  In spite of that, Miss Kayla enjoyed some lunch before heading down for a nap.

2:00 – During nap time on Tuesdays Carson has piano lessons.

3:00 – While the babies napped and the bigs played in their rooms for rest time, Aimee and I chatted.  My alarm rang to let me know that it was time to take another picture.  This is exactly what we were doing when the phone reminded me to get my camera out.

4:00 – Shower for me.

5:00 – I had all the bigs get ready for AWANA.  It wasn’t quite time to leave but we gathered our things early so that when it was time to leave we wouldn’t have to rush around.

It was a normal, although fun, day!

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4 Responses to 10 on 10 : January 2012

  1. Jess says:

    I have to set a reminder on my google calendar each and every month 🙂 I’m so glad you participated!

  2. bearrunner says:

    I like that light… It is neat!


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