Silver Surfer’s New Glass

When we bought the Silver Surfer it came with two chips in the windshield.  We knew we’d be responsible for fixing those at some point and thought it would cross our minds with the onset of winter.  Since winter decided not to come it slipped our minds… until a third chip showed up.

We called our insurance and got the claim started.  We then called the company who was to do the work, fully expecting to have a month’s wait on our hands.  (That’s about how long it took for Matt’s windshield to be replaced.)  Nope.  The day I sent them the pictures of the cracks they called back and said that since they were fairly large (and there were three of them) they’d need to do a replacement.  They came to my house the very next morning and did the work while the boys and I did school.

While I would have love to have the cracks filled rather than the whole thing replaced, it’s better to have the whole thing replaced, should winter decide to come.  So, we bit the bullet and ate the deductible.  It worked out quite nicely for us as our deductible is $500 or 380€.  When I paid them the Euros the conversion was only $483 so I got a deal!

Of course the feeling of getting a deal was after I got over the fact that I was having to pay anything at all.  $483 is a lot of money and I hate to pay it, but I reminded myself that we don’t have a car payment.  $450 is the average person’s car payment in the US.  Monthly.  We haven’t had a car payment since 2008 and won’t again.  I figure that having to pay for a windshield is really not a big deal in that light!

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2 Responses to Silver Surfer’s New Glass

  1. Jess says:

    it really is better to get a replacement than just a fill. You did good!

    • Jennifer says:

      Thanks. I know you’re right and now I don’t have to worry every time it gets cold if there’s going to be a bigger crack in my windshield! Hey, GO HAVE A BABY!

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