Welcoming a New Year

Yes, it’s the 11th of January and I’m just now getting to this post.  I’ve been playing catch-up over the past 10 days, trying to cover Christmas and all its festivities.  I’m particularly excited about showing you these pictures.  Not because I’m a great photographer (I’m not) but because I had SO MUCH FUN taking them.  I am certain I had more fun taking them than you’ll have viewing them, but that doesn’t take away my joy in sharing them.

When New Year’s Eve was approaching we decided to go to the Joneses where we could be a good distance from the action (or so we thought) and view the fireworks from inside, if need be.

To start our night we had a mini-party for Cory’s birthday since the Hills were going to be moving before his actual birthday.

It was a small affair with only four families.  Lots of babies, and I don’t know how I let the night get by without a group shot.  Pack-n-plays in several rooms and bigs watching movies on lap-tops while the adults played one of the funniest games ever:  Discombobulation.  We could barely speak through our laughter.  I actually laughed so hard I was crying at one point.

New friends got to experience the craziness that ensues when we pull out a deck of cards and stay up past a reasonable hour.  (I hope I’m not telling any secrets but this was the first time Christy had stayed up to ring in the new year since she was 18!  I believe she had a good time!)

Connor and Parker loved the “choo-choo” and spent a VERY long time quite entertained by it. I’m telling you, I could eat his cheeks!!  (For those of you non-Southerners out there, I do not mean this in a literal sense.  It’s just a saying.)

When it was time for the countdown we bundled up and headed outside to the balcony that overlooks the town.  Here’s a picture of the group standing at the edge of the balcony. Notice the fireworks going off in the distance.

I have seen fireworks all my life.  I’ve even seen the fireworks display in New York City on the Fourth of July.  That was a pretty amazing sight with fireworks that blew up in shapes of flags and other neat images.  But what I saw this New Year’s Eve blew my mind.  We had a 180 degree view of fireworks along the Rhein River that lasted 15 minutes.  I was absolutely amazed at the amount of fireworks being shot off and my kids were having a blast… pun intended.  We ALL were!  There were only a few fireworks being shot off right beside us… most being all around town.  

Then Cory pulled out the sparklers (which I just realized I never paid him for!).  Let’s just say the kids were chomping at the bits to sparkle while Aimee and I were dying to get some long-exposure (is that what it would be called?) pictures of them.

We got a few really neat shots with Aimee actually capturing Cory’s name in lights:

Photo by Aimee

Here’s my attempt to copy her:

And finally, a video I wish I had taken more care in capturing.  I wish I had started to the far left of our view and panned all the right to show the panoramic view we had.  There is just no way to describe what we were seeing so I’ll just say, “W.O.W.”  One of the most spectacular views of my life and it welcomed in 2012 with a bang.  On the way home I stopped in the town and took a couple pictures of the deserted street with a firework shell and a couple walking back home.  If you look behind them you can see a cloud of smoke from a group of teenagers still blowing up firecrackers.  This street is actually pretty clean from what I hear most looked like the next morning.  It happens to be a very busy street so I assume the less-traveled roads were more heavily littered with debris.


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  1. Pam M. says:

    Love these photos Jennifer and the story with them!

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