2nd Annual Christmas Eve Celebrations

Can you call something “annual” if it has only happened twice and it won’t likely happen again for a couple of years?  I don’t know.  Whatever.

On the 24th of December, 2010 we celebrated with our little “family” at the Hill’s house.  This year, since they were packing for a move, we met at my house.  One year ago at Christmastime our babies looked like this:

This year they were much harder to keep still for a picture.  One thing we can say is that every time we sit all three babies together we make a memory!

We had an absolute blast giving Christmas gifts to friends this year.  I’ll try to put in text along with the pictures to explain what was going on.  (As I say quite frequently in this blog, I journal mostly for myself and my family.  To remember the amazing times we have as “The Hamricks” and share with family back home our experiences.  Much of what I write is likely boring to 90% of the rest of the world.  If this is boring to you, I am not offended.  But feel free to keep reading and seeing bits and pieces of my life.  A life I love.)

Okay, here we go…

My sweet generous son has been SO EXCITED to give Cory this gift for weeks and weeks.  He had Matt* wrap it and then, on the night of, Hayden sat expectantly waiting the look on Cory’s face.  He was not disappointed… well, neither of them were!  (*Matt did all of our wrapping this year.)

Hayden got up to show Cory a few things about the sword… alterations he had made.  Most likely with a black sharpie…  his tool of choice when he’s out of duct tape.  Cory didn’t seem to mind!

Parker will get your attention if he wants it! Here he's trying to get Zak for something...

Zak helps Parker open his present from the Joneses.

And of course the bigs have to get in there and help out!

Zak’s gift to Cory:

Zak’s gift to Matt:

Matt’s gift to Zak:

Matt’s gift to Cory:

Cory’s gift to Matt:

Cory’s gift to Zak:

Shew.  Those last six pictures remind me of the “Queen, McQueen.  McQueen, Queen” scene in Cars 2.  Quite possibly the only person on the planet who will understand that is Matt, because I’m referring to his favorite scene in that movie!

Here are all the men and their gifts, including the custom-made German license plates Matt had made for each of them:

(Men, I was really nice to you.  I could have use the “like a tiger” picture.)

Now, let’s move on to the girls’ gifts.  (The bigs had exchanged gifts and left to play in the back somewhere, and the babies were preoccupied by the truck toys Aimee had bought them.)

Me with Aimee.

Me with Jessica.

Us holding our Disney Princess Kindereggs... our favorite princesses!! Belle and Ariel.

Jessica and Aimee.

Aimee gave Jessica office supplies.  (You just have to know Jessica… Disney World and Staples… heaven on earth.)  I gave her a label-maker so she can organize her heart out!

Jessica got Aimee this beautiful hanging-candle-holder that Aimee always admires (and takes pictures of) when we go to the markets here in Germany.

I don’t have a picture of me opening my gift from Jessica but I’ll tell you about it.  She got me a new belt.  A tad on the practical side, one might think (as if a label maker and post-it notes aren’t).  But the thoughtful gesture amazes me.  See, I am highly allergic to most metals, even on my stomach. I break out in a horrible rash when any metal touches my skin for a length of time.  While on the PWOC retreat Jessica learned that my belt was causing me to break out on my stomach and so she when she found a belt with a leather clasp rather than metal, she got it for me!  Works perfectly!  No more itching!  See? We’re pretty much family.  And the fact that I wrote that embarrassing fact about myself in my blog makes me and you family, too, I guess.

I gave both of them, “God Calling” and “Hinds’ Feet on High Places,” books that are my favorite daily readings and have been blessings in my life.

For Aimee I got her “Tangled” and a pillow.  (She likes these kinds of movies and has a daughter she can now enjoy them with.  The pillow is because she typically falls asleep during movies.)

Okay, now I’m super excited to show you these pictures.  I didn’t think I wasn’t going to be able to give these gifts to them as they didn’t arrive until THAT DAY.  I had to rush around and find frames, but thankfully, the PX had just what I needed.

Opening the presents…

Checking out the gift, which is obviously a picture of some sort…

Jess turns hers over, slightly puzzled.  Aimee’s just being nice here.

Then they glance over at the other’s gift to see that there’s been some sort of mix-up.

(Remember I said that Matt wrapped the presents this year.  This was his only goof but it turned out to be so funny I’m glad he did!)

It all makes sense, now!!  

(Bet you’re wondering what the pictures are of…)

In the fall Matt and I went around Bierstadt and took pictures of anything in nature that I could use as letters.  Originally I was going to do this just for my mom’s Christmas gift but the idea came to me as I was out snapping pictures to make one for the Joneses and Hills.

Here they are holding the frames they opened:

And then holding their correct pictures.  

The day was perfect, from start to finish.  The word to describe the state of my heart was

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4 Responses to 2nd Annual Christmas Eve Celebrations

  1. melinda says:

    Truly amazing! Loved seeing the gifts – even the goof-ups – and what a fantastic idea for their last name in photos!! Thanks for being so transparent.

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