A Cooper Farewell

I’ve said it before that I love my life.  I love that we get to meet the neatest people on earth and do life with them.  The very month Matt deployed (Dec 2007) he met Chaplain Jennifer Rogers and they worked together until October when she redeployed.  Just after we arrived here in Germany we ran into her in the thrift store and she introduced us to her new husband, Adam.

Matt and Jennifer worked together at ChapelNext Wiesbaden and made a great team.  It was nice to see Matt enjoy chapel service as much as he has in the past 2 years and a great deal of that has been because of the awesome teamwork the two of them shared.  We were sad to see Jennifer and Adam PCS back to the states last month.

Before she could leave, however, Matt knew just what he wanted to give Jennifer for her farewell.  Aimee had given Parker a German license plate with his name on it and Matt thought that was the coolest thing ever.  He went to the store where Aimee had had it made only to find it closed.  He asked around and found that there was another place that would make them and got Jennifer’s made.  He then took it to the wood shop where his friend, John, made the beautiful wooden plaque to hold the plate.

The chapel community we have found here is unique and special and we are very grateful for it.  It is made special by the people who are here and it is an ever-evolving group of people. The Coopers definitely left their mark on each one of us and we miss them terribly. 

Kimberly giving her farewells.

CH Demien giving his farewells.

CH Engle giving his farewells.

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