Have you ever said to a friend, “We should get together for coffee,” and then find yourself saying that each time you see each other, realizing the coffee date never happened?  The cure for this is very simple.  Put it on the calendar.  It’s amazing what happens when you put something you want to do on your calendar… you DO it.

Today I had a great cup of coffee with a friend as we chatted for three hours.  I honestly could have sat there much longer had we had the time.  I brought along a notebook to jot down ideas and wisdom I might glean from my friend and I’m really glad I did.  I can’t wait to go over some of the things we discussed.  We also made a list of things we still need to chat about but didn’t get to today.

This was our Markt-Frühstück.  It means, “Market Breakfast,” and included a roll, a croissant, and a boiled egg.  It was very yummy!

I had two cups of coffee.  Again.  YUM!

After my extremely enjoyable morning Matt, the kids, and I joined some friends for the afternoon at Ramstein’s PX.  They live a few hours away and since they needed some things only available at Ramstein, they called to see if we could meet them.  As soon as I arrived home from my breakfast of leisure I began making a variety of sandwiches.  We ate lunch in the car on the way and, after shopping for a few hours, treated ourselves to ice cream.  (THANK YOU, PHIL!!  You’re sneaky!!)

Exhausted, we returned home and loaded into beds at 7:45.  Parker wasn’t quite ready for sleep as he napped very late in the day so he’s watching VeggieTales while I write and Matt syncs his iCal with his pencil-and-paper calendar.  Real life starts back tomorrow and, while I’ll miss our vacation, I’m excited about getting back on a routine.  Especially as we are starting our new schedule.  Can’t wait to share that with you!

Auf Wiedersehen!

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3 Responses to Markt-Frühstück

  1. scrappingmompj says:

    Love this! I just love your photography. I HAVE to learn how to do that with my digital camera. That focus thingy….. 🙂

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