As one year comes to a close and another just begins, my heart is full of joy.  Having another full year with Matt home has been a blessing and we are savoring each day together.

The boys are growing, learning, thriving, and are healthy.

Our families in the states are doing well.

We are excited for the new things to come, though we are not quite ready to admit that this is the year we leave Germany.  It seems to have gone by too quickly and I’m glad we have another 11 months to see and do things here before we head back.  I am sure we’ll be glad to be home but we definitely want to make the most of this year.

Some places I want to see before our time in Europe is up:

Italy (several destinations)

Ireland (coming up in 18 days!!)



England, again (probably in April or May)


and I’m sure I’ll think of more.  For now we’re just going to continue living life and enjoying the treasures God has given us, which are many.  The ones closest to our hearts live within our walls.

Happy New Year!

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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3 Responses to twenty-twelve

  1. Hope you had a wonderful start to your New Year!

  2. Sheri says:

    You will LOVE Ireland. Berlin doesn’t need more than 2-3 days max. Amsterdam is beautiful and enjoyable. Normandy is a great choice and who doesn’t love England and Italy?! We don’t even want to think about Nov so let’s make the most of the year!

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