Aimee’s Favorite Things

My name is Jennifer.  I’m kind of a sap for Christmastime and the festivities that go along with it.  Making cookies sounded like a really fun Christmas activity so I really wanted to spend a day doing that with my friends while the kids ran around the house and played.  When Cory needed a ruse to get Aimee to town and keep her here se we could surprise her with dinner for her birthday I planned a cookie-making afternoon.   When the original plans fell through I didn’t want to cancel the cookie party so I didn’t.  We just made other dinner plans instead, which turned out to be quite fun anyway!

I had every intention of taking pictures of us and our goodies along the way, as I am getting really sentimental because these frequent get-togethers are among the last before Jessica moves.  However, I pretty much forgot about the camera once we started cooking!

I did snap the following few pictures before we all loaded up and headed to the Hill’s house for doners and a game of dice.

Aimee made Andes Mint Cookies.

Jessica made Lemon Clouds (also known as Cool Whip Cookies, but Lemon Clouds is much more festive).

I made No-Bake cookies.  A lot of them.  (8-cups-of-sugar worth.)

For Aimee’s ACTUAL birthday, the Hamricks drove through snow and slush to get back in time for a fun, restful afternoon here at our  house.  This is what these three families are best at doing… sitting around talking, drinking coffee, and letting the children play (and nap).  We’ve grown quite fond of these quiet hours and treasure them.  In fact, all the hours we’ve spent this way have turned three families into one; instead of being friends we actually consider each other family.  God is so good to place amazing people in our lives who we can “do life” with and truly treasure, especially with this nomadic lifestyle we have.

After just such a time of resting and relaxing Jessica went to pick up our two babysitters. When she returned and we gave all the instructions necessary, we happily loaded all six adults, for the first time EVER, into one vehicle.  In fact, it was the first time we’ve ever gone anywhere without any children.

Cory had made reservations at this restaurant.  When we arrived, they were closed.  We got a huge kick out of it and tossed around a few alternate restaurant ideas.  Finally, we called Mykonos and they had seating for us available immediately, which was quite surprising.  In fact, as we ate dinner the room filled to the brim.

(Sorry, Jess... You're blurry. I didn't realize that in-camera! Still working on that whole, "aperture" thing.)

I thought this was a fun picture as I took it along the edge of the glass. It sort of looks like two separate pictures put together but it isn't. The right half is the place where the chef cook behind the glass.

After a delicious Greek dinner we had cake and ice cream.  Aimee had requested a Butterfinger Ice Cream Cake and we had one!  Kayla enjoyed helping blow out the candles!  (My goal for 2012 is to take better indoor pictures.  Sorry these are so horrible!)

And then, PRESENT TIME!  Cory had ordered Aimee a tripod and made this pretty cool wrapping paper.

Several months ago the Jessica, Aimee, and I sat down and enjoyed a cup of coffee and talked about all of our favorite things.  Jessica and I made a gift for Aimee that had as many of those things as we could fit into a bag.  One of her favorite things is a peppermint mocha, so we made this coffee cup look like a Peppermint Mocha by using shredded construction paper.  We placed a little money inside so she could treat herself to a cup of coffee someday.

This was SO much fun!  We got her a little Reisenthel bag that she can fold up and carry around with her in her diaper bag.  It’s helpful anywhere, but in Germany you really need to bring your own bags to stores.  They don’t give out plastic “Wal-Mart” bags and sometimes, when they do, they charge for them.  Plus, it’s just all-around good for the environment.  And to have a pretty one is even more fun!

Inside the bag were all sorts of her favorite things.  We were SO excited when she “got it” and actually said, “Ohhhhhh!! My favorite things!”  Sprite, Cherry Chapstick, a Thomas Kincaid calendar, and her favorite candy bars.  I have to say, one of the neatest things in there was an idea Jessica had.  On Aimee’s bucket list is to visit all 7 continents with Cory.  We got her a journal that reminded us of Aimee and then Jessica printed out a sweet note and a beautiful map and glued them to the inside covers.  We told her that we hoped she would document her travels and then someday share them with us.

Before the night ended we tried our best to get a picture of all six adults.  Carson was our photographer for the evening!  After a dozen silly ones that I’d never post, we got something that at least shows we were all in the same place at the same time.  (Never mind that we’re crooked… I can’t ask much from an 8 year old photographer!)

Happy Birthday, sweet friend.  We were very happy to celebrate it with you!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful thoughtful birthday. I love that you put so much thought into her favorite things gifts.

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