In MOTH 3 I shared how we trained the boys in the use of the ChorePacks.  Now to the fun part!

We had these fun, simple to use tools to help the boys get through their thirty-minute chore session but I knew there had to be a way to organize our new tools.

I read that the author has a place she keeps the ChorePacks so that she can glance over and see who has started their chores, who has finished, and who is still working.  I also read some other mom’s tips and combined them into what I’m going to show you now.  (Hee-hee!  I’m so excited to show you this part!!)

Please don’t mind the mistake on Carson’s ChorePack.  I will go back and fix errors I’m sure to find over the next few weeks and he’ll eventually have a corrected card.  As I mentioned, my boys are color coded for school.  All of Hayden’s note books and pencil cases are red.  Carson’s are blue, Bailey’s are green.  This is why the boys’ ChorePacks are backed by those colors.  I used the awesome Command Hooks my mom sent me I was excited to see how this plan would give us a place to store our ChorePacks but also function as a quick way for me to know who had done what.

I created this station in our new cabinets and left this cabinet door open as I went to bed.  The next morning the boys ate breakfast and did the necessary jobs that go along with being allowed to eat in my house (put away milk, cereal, bowls, and spoons).  After that they were directed to get their ChorePacks and begin their tasks.

As you will notice, at a glance I could see that Hayden had not started his chores, Bailey was finished with his, and Carson was still working on his!  LOVED the way it worked out!!!!!  We only put the Daily/Morning ChorePacks into practice because the Weekly and Monthly ChorePacks are only for Mondays.  (It also turned out that I didn’t have enough weekly or monthly chores to spread out all through out the week.  During the “Evening Chore” block of time on our Schedule I will have them go to their rooms to make sure they are well organized, select toys to throw away if broken or give away if no longer wanted, or, if we find we just don’t need them to do chores at this time, they can have more free time.)

This view is from my chair in the living room. I can glance over to the Chore cabinet and see exactly where everyone is on their chores.  I’ll explain the three pieces of construction paper in a minute, and the vinyl chore-pack holder right now:

See the vinyl Chore-Card holder?  It came with the kit and is great because it holds the weekly and monthly chores that we don’t have clip-on-things for yet.  Staples doesn’t have anything like this so I am going to need to order more as Parker gets older.

Since I only have one set of clip-on-things I will remove the Daily/Morning chores from the clip-on things each Monday after I’ve inspected their work. I will place those chores in the vinyl Chore-Card holder and place the weekly chores in the clip-on things.  They will use the Chore-Packs for that chore session on Mondays and I will then replace their Daily chores into the clip-on things.  Eventually I’ll have enough clip-on things for each set of Chores.

Now, notice the three construction paper things under the Chore-Packs?

I’ve created a “Chore-Pack Cheat Sheet,” of sorts.  This will make it easy for each kid to know what his overall responsibilities are as well as when he’s to shower/wash clothes.  (This will also come in handy for dad as he will be able to quickly see who is responsible for what around the house.)  Matt and I are going away for a few days in January and this will hopefully help the stand-in parents be able to relax a bit.  The kids will run the house and the adults will just have to watch babies!

You may be wondering what “Marching Orders” are.  As we get ready to leave the house I always have each boy carry something.  Usually someone will yell out, “I’ll get the diaper bag,” or, “I’ll get the market basket!”  This has worked well but scheduling it will mean we will never get in the car and NOT have something.  I’ve specifically chosen to have Hayden responsible for Parker’s milk (filling it and getting it to the car) since he loves to carry Parker to the car.  This way he has very little in his hands, especially if he fills the milk and places it in the side pocket of the diaper bag.  His other responsibility will be to run through the house and turn off all lights, something I usually end up doing while grumbling under my breath at how annoyed I am that the lights were all on in the first place.

We have not started, “Dinner Helpers” yet but I’m curious as to how that’s going to go.  Could be interesting!

The first day we woke up and had the ChorePacks set and ready to go went beautifully!  Even with just the morning chores scheduled and inspected (inspection being KEY to the success of the program) the house stayed 80% neater all day.  Unbelievable because we had only implemented 25% of the plan!  And I was even able to bake a batch of homemade Reindeer cookies with them because I didn’t feel like there were so many other things I needed to be doing.

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