Wiesbaden and Rothenburg Markts

Wiesbaden Twinkling Star Market

The Joneses and the Hamricks experienced three markets this Christmas season and each time the Hill family decided not to join us. We were certain they were trying to avoid us and we did our best to talk bad about them behind their backs.  I guess planning a move to another country can be a little exhausting and that might make them less available to attend frivolous, spontaneous outings… (I wrote about the Rϋdesheim Markt here.)

Aimee loves these lanterns.  (This is important information for a future post.)

Wiesbaden’s Christmas Tree.

Rothenburg Christmas Market

I love this picture.  The babies bundled as snug as bugs in rugs.  Except for the fact that Parker will not let us zip him fully up.  He has to be able to get that thumb. 

I don't know why, but I'm fascinated by the cobblestone streets.

I saw this ornament soon after we arrived at the markt and knew it was a good choice for our annual ornament.  I was looking for something specific that might help us represent that 2011 was the year we became debt free but never found anything.  I returned to the  market booth and we purchased this ornament!

Bailey and his ‘peace fingers.’

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