Tree Getting Day!

Okay, that’s what we used to call it when we left home, drove to the mountains, hiked through the forest, found the perfect tree, cut it down, dragged it home and went through the annual marriage enrichment exercise of putting said tree in an upright position in our living room. Then we got to work on part two of the marriage enrichment exercise of putting LIGHTS on the tree.

Here is a picture from the last “Tree Getting Day” we got to enjoy with the Ensley/Franklin families, in 2006.

Now I guess it should be called “Tree putting up day” since we just get our tree from the basement and put it together like a huge 3-D puzzle.  This was the first year I stood back and let the boys assist.  They did more than assist.  They put the entire base together… as high as they could reach and they did a great job.  I see my marriage enrichment exercise changing as my boys get older (and taller).

At the end of the day we sat together and watched “Elf.”  It was an absolutely precious day.

(For the record, we went “fake” when we moved to Colorado and searched for the perfect tree and found only ugly, skinny, drought-affected twigs that we simply refused to purchase.  We left the “tree farm” and headed to Wally-world and purchased the tree we have now.  We look forward to going “real” again someday in the future.)  

Here is a collage of our annual ornaments.  We have many special ornaments but these are the ones we’ve purchased each year as “our ornament.”  Below the collage is a listing of what each one means.  We will be going to Rothenburg on the 23rd to purchase our 2011 ornament and so I’ll update this post as soon as I get it home and on the tree.  (This is the LATEST we’ve ever purchased our ornament.  The earliest would be the preggo lady the year we found out we were expecting Carson!  I think we got that one in July 2002, just after we told the family.)

Here is what all of our ornaments mean.

’95 – Our First Christmas
’96 – Gardner-Webb Bulldogs!  TOGETHER!
’97 – Engagement photo
’98 – Disney World!! Fun trip!
’99 – Honeymoon to San Francisco
’00 – 1st Anniversary trip to San Francisco
’01 – Hayden’s First Christmas
’02 – Carson’s on his way
’03 – Carson’s First Christmas
’04 – Bailey’s First Christmas
’05 – Matt’s decision to join the Army  (18 months in the waiting… we had finally been able to TELL PEOPLE!)
’06 – First Christmas IN the Army
’07 – 4-10 Christmas, Matt deployed
’08 – Colorado Springs Christmas (We bought this ornament while he was home R&R but he was back in Iraq before Christmas.  He was gone two consecutive Christmases.)
’09 – Disney World Vacation
’10 – Parker’s First Christmas
I am SO excited to update this post!  As I mentioned, this is the latest we’ve ever waited to purchase our annual Christmas ornament.  I had a feeling today would be the day.  We went to Rothenburg and I stopped at the official Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas Markt booth.  I had something specific in mind for this year’s ornament but I saw one that immediately caught my eye.  So much so that I snapped a picture of it right away as a reminder.  We shopped in many stores and Aimee and I even took the long tour of one of the Käthe Wohlfahrt stores, going through and looking at almost every ornament.  When we went back through the store a second time with a particular section in mind to revisit, I saw the ornament I had seen in the Markt.  I decided that I would go back to the Markt, meet my family and we could purchase it together. And here is that picture:
And now, without further ado, our Annual Christmas Ornament, 2011:

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3 Responses to Tree Getting Day!

  1. Jess says:

    that tree looks identical to the one we used to have, too! 🙂 That was a great tree!

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