Last month we had the opportunity to spend the night with the Irvin family.  It was really nice to be able to spend some time with them to celebrate Nathan’s birthday.  Their new home is H*U*G*E and there was plenty of room for their family, our family, and Shelby, their dog.  (Although Shelby might disagree.  You see, Parker adored Shelby and wanted to follow her everywhere.  The poor dog loved the big kids and had no problem with them, but she couldn’t seem to understand why this mini-kid kept following her around, trying to touch her.  In fact, Shelby would walk into the room wagging her tail anxious to get in on whatever fun the bigs were having until she saw Parker, at which point she’d tuck her tail and walk out of the room.  Poor Shelby.)

Having a blast (though freezing) at the playground in Nathan's new neighborhood.

Nathan and Matt jammed on guitars for quite a while!

We got Nathan one of those gifts that I’m sure his mom really loved… it came with marbles!

Parker surprised us on this trip by sleeping on a little mat we put on the floor.  We had forgotten his Pack-n-play so when it was bedtime, Matt just took him upstairs, made a little bed out of blankets, and put Parker on it.  Parker fell in love with this stuffed camel and slept with it all night.  Nathan’s dad gave it to Parker as we left and before we were 5 kilometers away Parker was completely asleep, loving on his camel.

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