Every Homeschooling Mom’s Dream Come TRUE!

Well, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch.  I am sure that there are other dreams, bigger dreams that other homeschooling moms have, and I’ve seen them on Pinterest.  Do NOT go there if you don’t have will power.  Do NOT research “homeschool organization” if you think you might start to get envious of the few families who can build an entire home around homeschooling and can create and actual SCHOOL within their homes.

Click this picture to go see the website.

Click here to see the awesome GREEN homeschool room.

I homeschool in my kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom, and the boys’ rooms so we sort of spread out all over the place during school hours.  I have to close up shop and make my house look like a home by the time dinner rolls around so we have to be super-secret-spyish about it.  The problem is that the boys’ stuff has been multiplying and taking over and I decided a couple of months ago that I wanted to purchase a new cabinet. (That’s my idea of a dream come true:  a new cabinet.)

I headed to IKEA and walked around with my eyes wide open for what I might want to purchase.  My lovely iPhone helped me remember for later and show Matt what I had found.

The first picture is what I really wanted.  Tall, white cabinets that would hide away yet organize everything.

The second picture is what I thought I may have to purchase as a consolation prize.  Much cheaper though they would work.

I put these ideas in the back of my mind for a future purchase and left it at that.  Fast forward to last week when a dear friend of mine decided to sell some of her household goods before she moves back to the states.  Guess what she was selling?!?  The exact same IKEA cabinets.  (Though several inches taller than the one I took a picture of!)

I didn’t jump on it because I wasn’t really sure Matt would be interested in spending the money right here at Christmas but when I showed him the picture he was thrilled.  Even texted me an hour after he went to work to be sure I sent my friend the “I WANT THEM” message.

Sunday was the big day.  We had every intention of going straight from lunch to pick them up but the weather was nice enough, and an invitation had been extended, to attend our city’s Christmas Market.  We couldn’t resist and were fortunate to have our friends offer to help us get the cabinets after the visit to the market.  Unexpected but, as it turned out, completely necessary!  These things are HUGE!  Of course I measured and made sure they would fit in my dining room, as well as the back of my van, but when I saw them for the first time I was still amazed!

Matt later told me that had he seen them in person before we committed to buy them he would have declined.  The prospect of taking them apart, moving them from one home to another, and somehow reassembling them seemed a daunting task.  But, they were paid for and we were getting them so we utilized the Stow-and-Go option in the Silver Surfer and it only took two trips!  With our friend’s help my husband had my new cabinets put together and leveled in a couple of hours.  As a good Southerner will do, I fed them.  Though not with fried chicken and corn bread but doners from a neighborhood doner stand.

Once they were assembled Matt said that, while he would not have purchased them, he would have been wrong not to because they were much easier to transport and reassemble than he ever would have imagined.  (It could have been that he had another man’s help instead of relying solely on my help.  These things are 92″ tall… It really needed two men!  Look how little clearance there is at the ceiling.)

So, without further ado, my new homeschooling cabinets!

And I was able to purchase these for a third of the new price!  SEE!  A dream come true!

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11 Responses to Every Homeschooling Mom’s Dream Come TRUE!

  1. Pam M. says:

    Wow! OOOOOOHHHHH!! AHHHHHHHH! What I would give for some of those babies!! 🙂 So glad that you were able to see a dream come true!!

  2. Bug's Mama says:

    They are pretty awesome! I love the pull out drawer/shelf things!

  3. ndrea says:

    Maybe you can store the boys away also..lol..these are pretty amazing!!

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