Carson’s Piano Recital

Carson has been taking piano lessons for a couple of months now and he had his first recital Saturday evening.  He was very excited to play his song, “Old McDonald had a Farm,” but he was less than thrilled to have to dress up.  One benefit of going to the contemporary service is not having to dress up.  One negative of this is that when it’s time to dress up, the boys feel uncomfortable.  I may have to force them to dress up occasionally just so they won’t have a melt-down just before their first piano recitals… not that that happened or anything…  (Surely not.. surely there were no tears over the button down, long sleeved shirt.  Surely we did not have to compromise by allowing Carson to wear a sweater vest and roll his sleeves up… surely not.)

Maybe his annoyance over his outfit removed any nerves Carson may have felt over his upcoming performance.

Carson standing by the first real piano he ever played.

Matt and Matt Jr. (That was the nickname he earned early on in life, and it also happens to be somewhat accurate, as Matthew is his middle name.)

Proud mama! I wish I had stuck with the piano when I took lessons and I pray Carson will do better than I did!

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6 Responses to Carson’s Piano Recital

  1. Carson did a great job. So proud of him. So so sweet. I know what you mean…. I started but never finished that race either. I remember my last recital when I sat down I started my music but not exactly from middle C therefore I played my whole piece with my fingers in the wrong location. You cannot imagine how bad it sound. Decided that day that, that would be my last recital. But then I do believe that God in his ways directs us in the direction we should go. In the whole scheme of life which one will make a difference, a great musician or a great mother. No question about the sacred calling of a saintly mother. Just think, you could have gone on to be a master at piano but then the boys would have a musician in the family rather than the dedicated mother you are. They will have to look very hard to find a soulmate that comes near your flame. God bless you and yours. Love you all.

    • Jennifer says:

      Oh, Pasty, what sweet words! Just last night, as I was putting away dishes and singing along with Mariah Carey’s Christmas album, I told Matt that God was GOING to give me Mariah’s voice and then He remembered that I’d rather the be Stay-at-home-mom that I am instead of a traveling performer… so he just gave it to Mariah Carey. Matt agreed and said that that’s also why God gave John Mayer the guitar skills He had originally considered giving Matt. 🙂 Matt would rather be with us than traveling… 🙂

  2. Jess says:

    oh, you’ve reminded me that I never did post about Jaina and Jayce’s Christmas recital!

  3. Pam M. says:

    Wonderful job!! Is he using the Bastien books? That is what I teach from and the teacher part sounded really familiar to me 🙂 I am so proud of him!!

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