My Hero

Normally this title would be reserved for Matt, but this morning Carson was my hero. I’ll quickly tell the story… quickly, because I don’t have very much energy.

I began to feel icky Monday as we were heading to Garmisch. It wasn’t car sickness as it began before we left, but it was mild enough that I was able to eat as normal. Monday evening we ate dinner with two other families and I have to say, the Loaded Baked Potato Soup at Zuggy’s is fantastic!

Tuesday I woke up still feeling icky so I let Matt take the bigs to breakfast while Parker and I slept. When he got up, I took all the boys swimming and even joined in. Parker LOVES the pool and, since July, he’s grown tall enough to walk around the shallow end all by himself… sort of. I have to watch him closely because if he opens his mouth, water flows in! But he wants to do it all by himself!

We took a 2 hour nap in the afternoon and I woke up feeling even worse. At dinner I ate nothing. And the fun started afterwards. I’ll leave the details out but this morning (Wed) I tried about an ounce of water only to discover I was not quite ready for it. As I write, it’s 1:30 and I’m trying ice chips. I can’t tell if my nausea is hunger related or bug related, but it feels rough either way.

Regarding my little hero: Parker’s pack ‘n’ play is set up in my bathroom and during nights and naps we use the boys’ bathroom. This morning during one of my trips to the bathroom I accidentally shut the door between the rooms, locking Parker in the room behind me. I couldn’t call Matt because (shame on me) I don’t have his number memorized. I didn’t think to grab the room keys or, for that matter, pants! We were stuck. I didn’t think a housekeeper was going to believe one of the boys and unlock the door for them, so Carson offered to walk down to the conference room where Matt was teaching to get the keys.

Bless his heart! I wrote a note to Matt so that Carson wouldn’t have to announce the dilemma to the entire group of single solders. 10 minutes later my little hero returned and entered through my door, unlocking the door between the rooms. Parker never knew that I was gone, and I praised Carson for saving the day. I was very proud of him!

Now the bigs and daddy are next door watching a movie while I write this quick update and Parker naps.

I’m really praying no one else gets this and that we are able to continue with our weekend plans. We will not share this bug intentionally but we really want to celebrate Nathan’s birthday with him.

Okay. I feel a nap coming on. Not how I want to be spending my time in Garmisch, but I’m thankful the boys are enjoying their time as much as possible.

To the two families we were going to hang out with, know I’m sad I’m not out shopping with you…

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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One Response to My Hero

  1. Crystal Stranton says:

    We found out we are officially going to Grafenwoehr in March and not Wiesbaden. We are still happy nonetheless! Going to Graf means my husband can complete CCC before we leave Ft. Sam & I’m thankful for that! Thank you for all your help and for answering all of my questions! Happy belated birthday too! Crystal Stranton

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