34 Part 1.

I don’t feel 34.  I feel 24.  I don’t know how to explain that other than to say that I really feel like I’m in my early twenties.  I have no idea why… maybe it’s because 34 isn’t nearly as old as I thought it was.  Maybe it’s because I’ve had such a great life thus far that I am not dreading each birthday.  No idea.  But if I had to pick an age that suited how I felt, it’d be 24.  The good thing is, I’m 24 with 10 additional years of experience under my belt!  There’s a lot to be said about experience, one being the only way you get GET it is by LIVING it.  I’ve been living, that’s for sure!  God has blessed me with a very full life and I treasure each day of it.

Thanks to the boys’ soccer practice being tonight, my birthday celebrations are being spread out over two days.  Today was a fantastic Part 1!

It started with me sleeping in; till 7:30 or so and it was wonderful.  When I got to the living room Carson had already gotten out my Slimfast and a straw.  (This is my preferred breakfast… but I usually wait until about 9:30 to “eat” it.)  I thought it was sweet that he wanted to get it ready for me before I got up.  Hayden told me that his idea was to sneak in and turn my alarm off, letting me sleep in as long as I could.  Matt nixed this idea, even though it was adorable!

Each of the bigs had drawn me a birthday picture and I proudly taped them to my cabinets in the kitchen along with the cards I’ve received via snail mail.

We did an abbreviated school day and then Aimee and Jessica came over with coffee in hand! 🙂  I knew something was going on but had no idea what.  In fact, I didn’t know anything about today except to be ‘decent’ by 10:00 (showered, hair, makeup) but ready to ‘leave’ an hour or so later.

After playing with my new Pampered Chef apple peeler/corer and checking out the new stone I had ordered, they handed me birthday presents!  Aimee had gotten me a Starbucks mug in Crete and the beautiful pink candle holder below while she was in Turkey.  We had seen these while shopping on a girls’ day out when my mom was here.  I had fallen in love with one just like this one so when she saw this in Turkey she snatched it up!

Kayla wants to touch the "pretty."

Jessica recently went to Butlers and found too many things I would like to make a purchase so she bought me a gift card!  She said that since I’ve been on my “fall decorating kick” that she wanted to help me get a start on my Christmas decorating!  That gift card burned a hole in my pocket until I was able to go shop there.  I purchased three items and need a fourth to complete the decoration before I take a picture of it but I will say that I’m quite happy with what I got!!  Matt is still cracking up at this new side of me.

Jessica was in charge of the camera while I opened presents. She got this really pretty one of the candle vase. (Not sure what this thing is called. Aimee, any clue?)

My gift card and my favorite German chocolate.

Around lunch time Matt came home and let me know that my surprise for today was that he was taking me to lunch… wherever I wanted to go.  Aimee and Jessica were going to stay with the boys and we had the day to ourselves.  AWESOME!

We headed to Mykonos, my favorite Greek place here in Wiesbaden.  We enjoyed a wonderful lunch with no “Wiener Art” or high chairs.  (Bet only those who have, at one point, been stationed in Germany will know what “Wiener Art” is!)  We ate by candle light in the middle of the day and loved every minute of it.  The original plan was for us to go to dinner with friends but the boys’ soccer party blew that option out of the water.  Since the guys didn’t have the day off, Matt and I got to go to lunch and dessert before he headed back to work.

My best friend.

I mentioned dessert.  We went from Mykonos to Cafe Maldaner to get the chocolate mousse and then took them to Starbucks for coffee.  Well, Matt got coffee… I had already had mine so I just sipped a little of his.


So yummy!

We returned home so he could get back to work.  Jessica had already headed home as she was not feeling 100%.  Aimee had recently put Parker down so we chatted for a bit, letting him get a bit more sleep.  I wanted to go to IKEA for a few things and asked if she wanted to join me.  I printed out a scavenger hunt for the boys to help them stay preoccupied while we shopped and we headed out.  This idea worked fairly well except for the several times the would ask something like, “Does that red lava lamp count as an orange ball?”  Overall it was a really nice visit to IKEA and I got everything I wanted while there!!

We left IKEA and headed to the soccer party and it was just that… a soccer party.  They got their trophies and had the chance to tell their coach that they appreciated his coaching them.  Now we’re all watching one episode of Star Wars or another… no idea.  (Someone spooky guy with a white face just told a cute guy that his new name was going to be Darth Vader, if that helps anyone.  Wait,  WHAT?!? Anakin is DARTH VADER?!?  I’m so lost.)

Up to now I’ve had 129 people wish me a Happy Birthday on FB.  That’s one way to make a girl feel special!  I had every intention of thanking each person individually but I don’t think that’s going to happen tonight.  I have an early morning as 34 Part 2 begins at 9:00!

So please accept this as my “THANK YOU” for the birthday wishes!  (I SO could copy/past THANK YOU 129 times… but that might be a bit ridiculous.)

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4 Responses to 34 Part 1.

  1. Jess says:

    that sounds like a wonderful day! And I don’t feel like I’m in my 30’s either! 20’s all the way!

  2. Bug's Mama says:

    Happy Late Birthday! Sounds like you had a good day!

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