Fall Fest Family Fun Festivities Day!!

Parker has fallen in love with all the “das” around here.  That’s not German, that’s Parker for “ball.”  He points to the pumpkins and says, “DA!!! DA!!!”  He has been taught not to touch them, but he sometimes forgets.  One night he rolled this little da into the living room and I couldn’t resist his cute face… he knew he wasn’t supposed to have this pumpkin but he was SO CUTE!  I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures.  I had to use the flash which I detest and you can see that Parker is not used to it.  I normally take pictures during the day when I can use natural lighting…  he hid his eyes in protest.

The boys are doing their school all dressed up and ready for the Fall Fest Family Fun Festivities scheduled for tonight at ChapelNext on WAAF.  They are excited that we can have fun while not actually participating in activities we don’t agree are appropriate for our family.  Being with friends, dressing up, and getting some candy are enough to excite these boys!  We are doing that without “celebrating Halloween.”

And finally, I really wanted to get a picture of the pumpkin decorations on top of my computer hutch but it’s too high and a bit too shadowed to let me take the picture by hand with no flash.  So, I rigged my camera precariously on top of a tripod which was standing on three kitchen chairs.  I was super careful while the camera was on the tripod, using Hayden to rearrange the chairs so I could keep my hands on the tripod.

In the end I got the picture I wanted.

I know it’s a bit yellow, but I tend to like yellow.  I adjusted the WB several times in-camera only to find I really liked this version the best.  I apologize if you think it’s overly yellow.  I like it this way.  Call it my artistic flaw.   (And just so you know, Bailey, who is sitting beside doing his Math just said, “That picture right there, it’s actually pretty cool.  That candle right there makes it look really cool.” I guess he can overlook my yellow-flaw.”)

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2 Responses to Fall Fest Family Fun Festivities Day!!

  1. Judy "Ommie" Gloy says:

    I think the picture of your display on top of the cabinet is beautiful. I, too, love yellow. It just makes it look more “brilliant”. Very pretty. I agree with Bailey!

    As for little Parker-man rolling in his pumpkin, that is one HILARIOUS, SWEET, PRECIOUS, LOVING LITTLE BOY!!! We don’t celebrate Halloween, either. But like it when the kids can associate with other kids, get candy, etc. and have a good time without “celebrating” halloween.

    PaPa and I went to a costume party for the first time in over 30 years. He dressed up as an old farmer, I dressed up as a witch. We won a trophy! I still can’t believe it. LOL But, no – we don’t celebrate halloween. The party was something else. Great fun, had people performing musical numbers, ate, it was great! Glad you all enjoyed your fun there with others.

    Have a great day today.Talk to you later. Give those boys a big hug from Ommie.


    PaPa and Ommie!!!

    • Jennifer says:

      Just wait until I post the pictures from tonight’s Fall Fest! The babies were SO STINKING adorable!!

      I will have to go check out FB for some pictures of you guys all dressed up. Bet you had a blast!

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