A better blanket…

After reading “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” my sweet friend Evelyn stopped by to see if we would like to try a larger stroller-blanket thing.  I am desperate to find something that will keep him warm without freaking him out, so I gladly accepted it.

Tonight I put it on his stroller before Carson’s and Bailey’s soccer game and he actually sat in it the whole evening.  Before the game had ended I had gotten it fully zipped up!  We’re making strides!

Thank you, Evelyn!

Watching Carson and Bailey play soccer. I'm hoping that tomorrow morning he's as excited about his new stroller-blanket thing as he was tonight!

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6 Responses to A better blanket…

  1. Crystal Stranton says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Do you know what brand this stroller blanket is? This is actually one of the things I am researching right now. There are so many, some not too expensive & some completely unreasonable! The reviews vary a lot for the toddler ones (ages 1-3) about if a child will fit in it. Thank you! Crystal

  2. Jennifer says:

    This is what brand it is, and I’m assuming it is the Toddler one (1-3T). Hope you are able to find one that will work for you!

  3. Crystal Stranton says:

    Thank you! That is actually one of the two I was most interested in! The other is the JJ Cole Original.

  4. Debbie says:

    I have two of those and have loved them since we bought them! funny story-everyone thinks the boys are twins when they are bundled up in them 🙂

    • Jennifer says:

      Debbie, admit it. You have the same issue I do: People think your kids are twins (and soon they’ll think they’re triplets) even when NOT bundled in their stroller-blanket-thingys. Mine were especially similar-looking when riding in a double stroller. The front kid (older) was seated a few inches lower as that was how the stroller was set up. The younger kid was in the back seat, which was a few inches higher, and that made their heads at exactly the same height. They really looked like twins. Put the third kid in an umbrella stroller and mom pushes one while dad pushes the other… “Oh my GOSH, are they TRIPLETS!?” “Nope.” “Twins!?! Which two?!?” “Neither… I had to go through three pregnancies to get these guys.”

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