Pumpkin Pickin’ Day

Yesterday I posted the first few pictures from our attempts at finding a pumpkin patch and I wanted to keep these two posts separate because the kitty cat experience was cute enough to warrant its own post. Here is the post about the actual pumpkins!

We found this website for Hof Erbenheim. Es ist auf Deutsch. Before I used Google Translate to make it easier to read I saw this line:

1. – 31. Oktober 2011 Kürbisse zum Selberernten

and understood it to mean that from October 1-31 you could pick pumpkins yourself. When I used Google to translate the website for me I saw that the translation was “Pumpkins for yourself harvests.” Sounded like “come and pick your own pumpkins for yourself” to me. As I mentioned in “It is not possible” it stated that you could pay for your pumpkins even if you came on Sundays when they were closed. Here’s what it says when translated into English:

For pumpkin season in September until October 31, a self-service car is on the road opposite our yard. This can also be selected and purchased on Sundays.

I felt we were all set for a pumpkin patch experience.

We didn’t find that, though, in life you have to roll with what is thrown at you and so we just had a great time anyway. Of course, the kitty was a hit and I had a VERY hard time getting pictures of just Parker and his new friend because the bigs were ever so adoring and wanted to “help” Parker pet him. The pictures in the collage below are some of the bloopers with a brub in the way helping out. I especially love the one of Carson trying to keep Parker from following the kitten into the barn.

Parker found his pumpkin very quickly!





I wanted to get a cute picture of my four boys beside this beautiful green door but all Parker could think about was the "RAWR."

That's a little better.

My boys.

Joy. Pure and simple.

Carson took this picture. He's showing an interest in photography. My heart melts.

Carson also took this picture. He’s getting pretty good with the camera. I just need to set it back to “P” when I hand it to him as he’s just figuring out focus and composition and doesn’t need to worry about WB and metering yet.


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2 Responses to Pumpkin Pickin’ Day

  1. Jess says:

    I’m so glad you got that last picture 🙂

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