Baby Hands

I don’t post a lot of political and religious stuff that is highly controversial.  I have my views and I’ll share them with anyone who asks, but I feel like my blog is mostly my journal, my way to remember what we have done over the years, as well as a way for me to share my life with my friends and family back home. This blog isn’t intended to make a statement about anything other than my own life.

But today I saw a picture that I couldn’t help but repost on Facebook.  I have a personal stance on abortion that I defend without abandon; it seems so obvious to me that everyone should have the same position.  I am flabbergasted that anyone could believe differently from me.  And yet, millions do.

One of the reasons I don’t make a big deal about it is because I have friends, close friends, who have had abortions.  I don’t want any of them to think I would post anything as a condemnation against them.  Condemnation isn’t my job.  In fact, condemnation isn’t even God’s job.  Condemnation is from the enemy, the one Christians typically call “Satan.”  If one feels ‘condemned’ it is the enemy, the accuser.  Conviction is a totally different thing which helps us to know the difference between right and wrong and causes us to want to do right.  It is worth studying the difference in those two words.  There is help and healing available.  But my point in writing today isn’t even about that.

It’s about bringing others to think about the life of a child, still totally reliant on its mother, as more valuable than the trees we recycle to protect.  There are so many programs that beg us to “reduce, reuse, recycle” so we can protect our environment and save the trees but so few that consider an unborn child as an innocent life worthy of protection.

As I was taking pictures of Parker playing with his car, I fell in love all over again.  With his baby hands.  I love them.  They can’t open a door, drive a car, fix a broken toy.  They can barely get a spoon to his mouth, though I love watching him try.  Then, this morning, I sat down and saw this picture as I was catching up on FB.  I recalled seeing my babies on ultrasound waving, flexing their hands, sucking their thumbs.  My babies, in my womb, were babies.  Little people.  Had heartbeats, one before I even knew I was expecting.  They had names picked out for them from before they were even conceived. No kidding… Matt and I were 17 & 18 when we picked out Hayden’s name.

I consider my children as having entered our family from the moment we conceived them. Whether we were ‘trying’ or ‘surprised,’ each one of our children was meant to be on this earth; meant to be in our family.  There are children who are conceived under less than ideal circumstances.  I’ll leave it at that.  I’m not going to debate here all the nuances of conception and whether I agree abortion to be okay when a woman gets pregnant after being forced have intercourse.  I will say this: if a woman came to me and said that this had happened to her, I would do my best to convince her to carry the child and let me raise it.  Or let me find someone to raise the child.  An abortion will not erase the pain or the memory of her encounter nor will having the child and giving it to a family longing for a child make the pain more vivid.  There will pain either way.  But only one of those choices can allow a family to be built through the miracle of adoption.

Here are some of the pictures I took of Parker’s hands.  I love his baby hands.

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11 Responses to Baby Hands

  1. A Proud American! says:

    I watched an amazing video about this:
    It’s a little long (33 minutes), but it’s about a man interviewing people about the Holocaust and abortion, and he changes several people’s opinion on abortion when he compares the two.
    I completely agree with you, by the way. In my opinion there is no circumstance, ever, that abortion is “okay”.

  2. Debbie says:

    Casting Crowns sings in one of their songs about ‘save the trees, kill the children.’ The first time I heard that song, it brought abortion to a new perspective for me and how others view it. I too feel that I am beyond blessed to have my healthy boys!

    • Jennifer says:

      I’ve never heard that song. I wonder if the company who created the photo image did so after the song… Powerful statement, both the image and the lyrics.

  3. Pam M. says:

    Powerful photos and a tender yet firm conviction you portray in this post, my friend.

    • Jennifer says:

      Thank you. My heart is tender toward those who have experienced the pain of abortion as well as miscarriage. My heart is tender toward those who experience the pain of abuse that causes one to consider abortion.

      And I am firm in my belief. We wanted to adopt after Bailey but the military lifestyle makes it so difficult. Hence, Parker. But our hearts are still VERY much toward adoption. We’re not sure we’ll ever adopt but we do have a soft spot for it, and I believe we always will. And, while I can’t speak for Matt right now, as he’s not here and I can’t call to ask his opinion, I bet if someone WERE to walk up to us and offer us the opportunity to rescue a child from abortion, I bet we’d take it. I CAN, however, promise you we’d prayerfully consider it… And if God told us we were not the family for that child, I’d do my best to find that family.

  4. Andrea says:

    Being that I am adopted I LOVE the adoption idea!!! I have NO idea of my bio mothers story, nor do I care or hold anything against her. I was adopted into a loving home. And when I found myself pg at 19 and NOT married..I looked at abortion, when went to my appt. There they did an ultrasound and I saw my daughter move,her heartbeat, even her little feet. I knew right then and there I could not go through with it. I know have a total of 4 wonderful,beautiful God given children. But that oldest child, the one I didn’t think I wanted, was the one who lead me to Christ. Cant imagine where I would be right now if I had made the decision to go through with that abortion. SO needless to say I to am against abortion!!!

    • Jennifer says:

      Andrea, that is a neat story! Thank you so much for sharing it! God is so good.

      My mom got pg with me super young and, as far as I know, never considered abortion. But, it has crossed my mind that she could have. I am thankful she didn’t. Beyond thankful.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Someone left me a message on Facebook and I asked if I could post it anonymously and was given permission. I thought it was beautiful:

    It’s the knuckles that get me…a newborn has every little wrinkle…every dimple in their knuckles…they aren’t born with “cartoon-like” hands that will someday grow to be more “human”…they are born with every little detail

    It doesn’t seem to matter how many times I see them. Or how many babies fingers I admire. I am amazed and in awe every single time! Such perfection. I see God in those details.

  6. Crystal Stranton says:

    Abortion is something I’ve struggled with in my head & Christian beliefs. I used to think that abortion was not okay, unless it was due to rape. Or if a family aborted a baby that was known to be severely disabled, I thought it would be best for the baby. But as I got older & as my career progressed (I’m a speech therapist) I started to see things differently & my views changed drastically. I saw so many severely disabled children that gave their families so much joy. I’ve seen babies for therapy whose mothers were 12 or 13 when they gave birth to them & were products of rape. Those children all deserved to live as much as my children. I feel that God makes every baby for a reason & for a purpose. I’ve watched close friends find out their unborn baby had an incredibly rare syndrome & were told she would be stillborn or would would not live long if she was born alive. But a few months ago we were with them to celebrate her 1st birthday! She faces many struggles but she is loved so much. There are so many families out there that want children & are unable to have them. I just wish more women would choose adoption. My husband was adopted. I sometimes think what my life would be like if his 16-year-old mother decided to abort him instead of giving him life & giving him to a family that so badly wanted a child. I would not have him as my husband or our two beautiful children. We’ve talked about adopting at some point in the future. I’ve never seen that photo you posted above but it sends a strong message.

    • Jennifer says:

      What a strong statement, Crystal. Thank you for sharing. And how neat that yet another person touched by adoption has shared their miracle story. Birth is a miracle. Even unbelievers can agree that it’s fascinating and extremely intricate, even if they don’t go as far as to give credit to God. But the miracle of adoption is so powerful that God Himself adopts each person who believes in Him into His family. I love that we’re called “joint heirs with Christ.” That means we are just as much God’s sons and daughters as Christ is. We get the same inheritance Jesus does. I’d say that’s a pretty solid argument for God’s love of adoption! 🙂

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