Burg Eltz, brot und brotchen, & Birthday cake.

One week ago today we went to Burg Eltz.  This castle is one of the prettiest in all of Europe but it was half covered in scaffolding.  The drive TO the castle was the most beautiful one I’ve driven so far.  We stopped at one overlook and took some pictures.

Overlooking the river. We ended up going down the mountain, driving on a road along this side of the river, crossing the bridge you see here, following that side of the river back past where we are standing, and into the mountains.

Panning my camera to the left a bit:

Love this picture of the train snaking its way along the river.

And a bit more to my left:

We drove along that road, through that town and up into the mountains behind it.

Dad taking pictures of Nana and the bigs. Parker was behind me in the van.

From Papa's Perspective

And one of just Nana and Papa...

Mom and dad wanted to try a brat und brotchen while here and the castle restaurant served these.  When I asked for, “sieben, bitte,” the cashier thought I was nuts. She held up her fingers and asked, “Seven?!?”  I said yes, but there was still some confusion.  The menu said that with brat und brotchen comes potato salad.  I tried to ask if we could get pommes instead of potato salad but they were not understanding.  Finally, I gave up trying to get my point across and just asked for three sides of fries.  We got that squared away and our food order was placed.  By the way… do not order the beautiful chocolate cake with chocolate shavings.  Gross.

The first castle we've seen that is nestled in a valley. In a week or so the colors surrounding this castle will be breathtaking to the guests.

Nana, Papa, and Parker

(Today, 10-10-11, we started school and we placed these icons of each of the places we went on our timeline, including this castle!!  It was quite rewarding to place small photos of Burg Eltz, Prague Castle, and Charles Bridge on our timeline.)

Tuesday was a long-awaited opportunity for me.  My mom has visited us several times over our years in the Army, but every time PWOC rolls around, either she was taking care of the boys so I could go off somewhere or I was having a baby and not going to PWOC anyway.  My goal for this trip was for Mom and Dad to be able to see a bit of what our real life is like.  We went to all soccer practices/games on days we were around, we went to church as usual, we had most meals at home.  I really wanted Mom to be able to go to PWOC, so on Tuesday we left Papa with the bigs, dropped Parker off at the nursery and mom and I enjoyed worship and fellowship with other ladies.  Now she can visualize what I am talking about when I mention the organization that does the most for me. PWOC introduces me to other like-minded women no matter where I move; it provides instant friendships all over the world; it helps me find friends for friends who are moving to places I’ve been (or to places where I have had other friends move to). PWOC is basically my first connection to other people who love Jesus and have a passion for worshipping Him.

Papa had the bigs and they convinced him that they needed to go to Tobolino.  Off they went to expend some boyish energy.

As soon as they returned home the bigs made a quick lunch and went down for a nap. Mom and Dad decided that since this was their last full day in Germany that they would return to Rüdesheim.  I sent them off with “permission” to stay out late enough to have dinner on the Rhein.

When they returned we had Ice Cream Cake and sang “Happy Birthday” to Papa.

Papa and the boys!

Getting some help blowing out his candles.

Papa's cute Parker

"Where's Papa?" Um, right there.

We gave Papa a frame that has a picture of himself, Nana and all 4 boys standing at a gazebo overlooking the Rhein River.

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2 Responses to Burg Eltz, brot und brotchen, & Birthday cake.

  1. How far is the castle from us? We were thinking of meeting a friend and her kids there on Saturday after Reagans game in Heidelberg. Is it still worth it with all of the scaffolding? Just curious what your thoughts are?

    • Jennifer says:

      It’s about an hour and a half, if I remember correctly. Yes, it was worth it as the drive was as beautiful as any I’ve ever ridden! Be prepared and go on the website. Be sure to get an English tour. I think they start later in the day but double check that. The English tour would make it 100X better!

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