Camping and Frikadelle

While we were on our way to Prague we received a call from the sellers of the van we were purchasing.  The title had arrived and we were good-t0-go on finalizing the purchase.  We made plans to meet them on Thursday morning at Ramstein to swap registration and title.

When Thursday rolled around, Mom and Dad let Matt and I make a day of it and I actually shopped and found some clothes I liked.  It’s fun to find shirts that fit me and in a smaller size than last year!  The next day Matt went to Vehicle Registration and had our own tags put on the van so now I can get gas!!!  That might not sound like a big deal to you but the one time I filled up on the economy it was 99 €… $137.98.  Ugh.  I’m thankful that we get some serious discounts by being military ID card holders.

Friday, October 1st, I took Bailey in for his second visit with Mrs. H at the elementary school.  I have noticed that he isn’t at the same level in reading as his brothers were at this age.  Because of that I wanted to be sure that he was at least ON LEVEL for his age.  If he was not, I wanted to be doing some things with him to help him get to the correct level. As it turns out Bailey is right where he is supposed to be and, even better, 7 months ahead of level in “inferencing.”  I just have two other readers who are way above their reading levels and picked up the skill with absolute ease.  I didn’t know what to do with a child who is of normal reading ability.  Bailey was under the impression that this was going to be a weekly visit with Mrs. H, as his Occupational Therapy with Mrs. K had been.  When I told him that he wasn’t going to be seeing her again he was quite pitiful.  I love that all my kids love to learn and love to read.

Our plan for after the meeting with Mrs. H was to load up and go to Burg Eltz but instead, dad and I got to talking Dave Ramsey and budgets and the nerds got carried away.  We ended up just hanging out until soccer game-time.

On Saturday, after a pretty rough soccer game in the 10+ league, Mom and I headed for a Pampered Chef party.  That evening we celebrated Papa’s birthday a few nights before his actual birthday.  He had requested a steak and potatoes dinner and we were running out of nights.  The boys had their hearts set on roasting Smores but the neighborhood fire pit was in use.  Fortunately my friend had one and let us borrow hers for the evening.  And the next evening, as well.  My sons were in heaven roasting marshmallows, throwing sticks into the fire, and sleeping in the tent.

The tent, full of testosterone. Papa and the bigs braved the backyard on night one. Daddy took the challenge on night two. Both men were sore after their respective tussles with the deflating air mattress.

On Sunday I wanted to cook Frikadelle for my parents.  Since this is a big-time meal I decided to bring my Frikadelle-making friends over as well so they could share in the labor.  The meal did not disappoint and my parents really seemed to like it.  I still say this is my all-time favorite meal.

Connor playing with the fire truck.

Lala hasn't seen Parker in a few days!

Apparently Parker had a lot of catching up to do with Cory.

And then he needed to take a nap with Jessica.

After a fun day with friends we ate a dinner of Smores.  We were still too full from lunch to eat dinner.  My favorite part of the night was lying on a comforter watching for falling stars and satellites.  Fun stuff!  Poor Matt won the contest of who got to sleep in the tent that night… He’s a good man.

Mom spent both of the camp-out nights giving Parker his bath and spending some hard-to-come-by one-on-one time with Parker.

Stay tuned… Tomorrow I am going to post our adventures in a castle!

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