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Pesto Cavatappi awesomeness

I feel like a liar writing that, since I didn’t use Cavatappi noodles.  I really should call this post “Pesto Penne” but it just doesn’t have quite the same ring.  I would have used Cavatappi noodles had the commissary had … Continue reading

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It was not a dream!

When I woke up this morning I had a few thoughts run through my mind. Did I oversleep since I pressed snooze at least 5 times? What is this child of mine asking me and what should I answer?  (Still … Continue reading

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Introducing: Silver Surfer

My first car was an Oldsmobile Calais.  My parents offered me a deal I couldn’t pass up: I could drive their used car from age 16-18, prove myself a safe driver, and they’d buy me a new car at 18. … Continue reading

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Chicken Parmigiana

I came upon a yummy-sounding recipe the other day and, since I’ve been so bored with my menu choices lately, I decided to print it out and give it a try. One item it called for was not on hand … Continue reading

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How embarrassing!

I’m not a first-time mom. I’ve had four kids so the sight of blood doesn’t freak me out. It has to be pretty bad to make me take them to the doctor’s office/ER… except when it involves things like ear … Continue reading

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Christmas in September

Because this is our debt free year we are going to celebrate by doing very small gifts for each other this year and spend the bulk of our “Christmas Fund” on charity. Sunday evening night at dinner we passed around … Continue reading

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One year ago…

Oh what a difference a year makes. My baby was learning to eat green beans, homemade at that. My bigs were learning about ants by watching the habitat we ordered online. I was putting in more time learning German than … Continue reading

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WonderMaps: A Review

My boys LOVE history.  They love learning about it and seeing it, especially as we are in Europe and able to see things that are so very old.  We’re studying the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and tomorrow … Continue reading

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What does THIS do?!?

That was what Parker was thinking when he found a pencil. Pretty smart kid. He figured it out very quickly. And he has this nifty new trick:  when we approach him when he knows he’s doing something he’s not supposed … Continue reading

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One word… know what it is?

This morning I was walking from one classroom to the other, (okay, I was walking from the dining room to the living room,) and this is what I saw: Loved it.  And, in the spirit of simplification, I’ll leave it … Continue reading

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