Rüdesheim with Nana and Papa

Today I did something that would NEVER be allowed in the states.  I rode a chair-lift with Parker on my lap.  No seat belts.  No safety net. No protection.  Just mama’s arms holding him securely.

We started our day way before that, though.

Bailey got to see an ISSP at the school to see if he is on level in reading.  (I have my suspicions that he may not be.)  I am hoping to get some good hints and tips to make sure he doesn’t fall behind.  He absolutely loved his time with the teacher and he looks forward to a second meeting with Mrs. H next week.  We didn’t get to discuss the results of his testing today, as they weren’t completely finished.

Just after Bailey’s reading visit we loaded up the cooler with the necessary items to have a picnic.  We drove to a near-by town on the Rhein river, Rüdesheim.  After lunch we rode a cable-car to the top of a mountain.

We walked about 30 minutes and then took a ski-lift back down the other side.  At the bottom we grabbed a snack of pretzels and spundkäse while we waited for our boat to arrive.  The boat took us back to Rüdesheim, where Nana, Parker, Carson, and Bailey and I RUSHED back to the house to change into soccer gear.

We were only about 20 minutes late to the game and the boys really enjoyed playing.

I made two silly mistakes with dinner:  2) I forgot to throw broccoli in the crock-pot when we ran back home to change into soccer gear…  There’s something about “Crock Pot Broccoli Beef” that just needs broccoli and b) I forgot to cook bread.  We managed to endure dinner followed by the last few pieces of Nana’s Ice Cream Birthday Cake.

And now, we are watching our movie, since it is, of course, Friday Night Movie Night.

Here are a few pictures from our day:

About to get on the Seilbahn.

A passing cable car with vineyards in the background.

View of the Rhein from the cable car.

Nana and Papa with 4 of their 5 grandsons. Just missing Mason...

Daddy and the bigs.

On the way back down we rode a chair lift. At one point we were going down a VERY steep mountain. You can see my shoes!

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  1. roncap says:

    Incredible pictures!

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