“Rawr” cont…

There was no way we were going to find that bear.  No way.  Papa and the bigs set out on a bike ride this morning, keeping their eyes open, hoping to see Rawr.

No luck.

After the boys’ PE class and a quick trip to the library we headed back home.  Instead of turing left into my neighborhood I decided to turn right into Bierstadt.  We were able to follow about a half-mile of the path we walked yesterday.  I reminded everyone to keep their eyes on the ground, of course, but also on the bushes, because sometimes courteous passers-by will place obviously-left-behind items on the bushes, in hopes the owner will return.

The closer we got to the fields the lower our hope levels dropped.  I got to the end of the road, right where the fields began, and I was just about to get out and walk a little bit.  At almost the exact same time Bailey and Nana yelled, “THERE IT IS!”

Sure enough, tied to a pole with a bit of string, was Rawr.

Look who was waiting for us!!!

I am absolutely amazed that they noticed it, and absolutely amazed that someone took the time to tie my baby’s bear to a pole, hoping we’d return for it.

This is the end of the road. You can see edge of the field at the end of that little path. Rawr was tied to the pole on the left, waiting for Parker to return. You should have seen his face when I gave him his little bear.

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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3 Responses to “Rawr” cont…

  1. Judy "Ommie" Gloy says:

    Ohhh! Sweet baby Parker has his little RAWR back. And, God bless those people who tied it so you could see it! Isn’t that GREAT! Thank-YOu, God for those people, RAWR and sweet Parker!!!


  2. Jess says:

    yay for the kindness of strangers!!! 🙂

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