Willkommen, Nana und Papa!

As I went to bed last night I checked the status of my parents’ flight on my iPhone. (Yes, there is an app for that.) I noticed that their flight was running a bit ahead of schedule and as a result, I set my alarm to wake me earlier. Sure enough, when I woke up they were still about an hour ahead. I got ready before the coffee pot even came on (amazing, I know). When we had about 20 minutes before we had to load up I woke Matt and the bigs. We grabbed Parker as we were loading up, poor guy.

We were blessed with no traffic on the way to the airport and after only one brief tour of the incredibly stupid parking deck, I parked where I usually do: in the 15 minute parking. We unloaded our boys and walked in, searching for the huge sign that would tell us where to find Nana and Papa. We never read the sign because as we were walking up to it Matt said, “There’s Joleen!”

After hugs and kisses I snapped a few pictures and we loaded up for home. (Well within my 15 minutes, mind you.)

It was a relaxing day and we spent it playing with the surprises they brought for the boys.

After a while Mom and I decided to take a walk in “the fields” and we ended it at the bowling alley for a frappuccino.

Then we enjoyed soccer practices before a birthday dinner of my Broccoli rendition of “Debra’s Crock Pot Chicken.” We had Ice Cream Cake and sang, “Happy Birthday.”

Okay… we’re all pooped (except for C&B who sound a bit like little girls giggling in B’s room… they’re getting a 2-week-long sleep over and haven’t yet figured out how fall asleep in the same room).

Good night, friends!

Carson excitedly waiting to see his helicopter fly.

Hayden and Carson getting ready to fly.

Papa strategically landing the helicopter in Bailey's hand.

Candy. Papa loves candy... my boys got it honest.

Parker had his first noggin-knocker. He was holding all sorts of treasures so he couldn't catch himself when he tripped. His forehead landed on the edge of the end table, poor guy.

Oh, my. The pitiful baby.

Happy Birthday, NANA!!!! (Her gifts were: a garden flag; a Carolina Blue Rittersport Chocolate; and blisters on her feet from walking two miles in new shoes... 2 out of three gifts were a hit.)

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"Yes, they're all mine." The answer to the question I hear most often.
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2 Responses to Willkommen, Nana und Papa!

  1. Willene Byrd says:

    I so love that your parents are there with you all!! My heart is just bursting for them!! Have a great time with lots of love being shared!!

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