Please leave a message…

…after the beep.   BEEEEEP.

If you call me between now and October 4th, you may receive my answering machine.  My parents arrive in 14 hours and I’m just a little bit exited.  Last time they were here we were very consumed with Parker’s arrival so we spent most of our time just hanging out and looking at the new addition.  We did make it to Rothenberg so at least we saw a bit of Europe while they were here.

This time we plan to show them our home life in real-time: soccer, AWANA, ChapelNext, and just every-day occurrences.  We are going to Prague for a short time and look forward to that.  We’re preparing by watching a few movies set/filmed in Prague… Mission Impossible was the first one.

Feel free to call or write, but I plan to be a unconnected for the most part while they are here.  (Mom and dad are (hopefully) on their way to the airport in Charlotte as I write!  AHH!!  I’M EXCITED!)

Nana with Parker who was 30 minutes old at the time.

Papa kissing Parker who is two hours old in this picture.

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  1. Jess says:

    have a great visit!

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