Chicken Parmigiana

I came upon a yummy-sounding recipe the other day and, since I’ve been so bored with my menu choices lately, I decided to print it out and give it a try.

One item it called for was not on hand as I don’t keep wine around (gross).  I called my Handy-Dandy neighbor and voila, she had a bit of Sangria.  Now, if you know me at all (I seem to write that in too many posts… apparently I expect you to know that I love sweet things and MACS…) you know that I adore the sweeter side of the palate.  This recipe calls for sugar, always a good thing and using Sangria instead of red or white wine just makes sense, even thought it was NOT in the recipe.

You can find the original version on The Pioneer Woman’s website with awesome descriptions and gorgeous pictures, but I thought I’d take my own as proof that I cooked something other than a crock-pot meal.

I just perused her site and I must say… I’m quite proud of myself.  My process was fairly similar to hers and my dish turned out just as pretty as hers! I hadn’t looked at her pictures until just now.

A few things I changed from her recipe out of necessity; either I didn’t have the ingredient or to suit my family’s taste:

  1. I didn’t use much parsley.  Actually, I only sprinkled some on top of Matt’s plate to make it pretty for the picture.
  2. I used penne noodles.
  3. I chopped the onion with my chopper because we don’t do chunks of onions very well.  (“We” being the boys.”)
  4. I didn’t have red/white wine so I used Sangria.
  5. Because I used Sangria I didn’t need any sugar!
This meal was so good that I will be making it once a month.  I haven’t decided if I want to do any prep to make a freezer meal, but regardless, it was SO yummy.  The entire family devoured it!

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One Response to Chicken Parmigiana

  1. I’m happy that the Sangria did work out…I was going to ask you about it but my brain has been doing blanks lately….Pictures look really good! I worked in an Italian restaurant and I can tell you that you can make the chicken in advance and eat it within 2 weeks – after that it takes that freezer taste. We’ve eaten it so many times that I don’t cook it anymore but seeing your pictures has given me a taste for them…and I will use the Sangria instead of the red wine (thanks for the tip)…also before I forget thank you for the coupons in the envelop!


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