How embarrassing!

I’m not a first-time mom. I’ve had four kids so the sight of blood doesn’t freak me out. It has to be pretty bad to make me take them to the doctor’s office/ER… except when it involves things like ear infections. My kids often don’t have any symptoms of an ear infection. We’ve gone in for Bailey’s eczema only to have the doctor find a double ear infection. When Hayden was 3 or so he woke up one morning feeling just fine fine. A few hours later he was screaming. I threw him in the car and headed for the doctor’s office. 5 minutes from the door the screaming eerily stopped and he sat there happy as a clam… only there was blood dripping onto his shirt from his ear! We got into the doctor’s office and she confirmed that he had a really bad ear infection and the ear drum had ruptured. He was fine. Blood and ears should not go together.

This morning I got Parker up at you can probably guess what I saw in his ear. I called the appointment line and they had a spot for me at 11:15. After two people checked his ears out Dr S decided to clean away the dried blood. Parker screamed as if we were cutting his ear off! No ear infection was detected but instead a scratch. When the blood was cleared away the scratch actually started to bleed again. No idea how it happened or when but I was so embarrassed! I took him in for a SCRATCH! I felt so badly that I had taken up a spot but the doctor assured me he wasn’t busy that day and that everyone who needed to be seen was able to get an appointment.

Ugh. And now I’m sure my friend, whose name I won’t mention but was once my neighbor and has twins and a baby girl, is going to give me grief! I take my kids in for more than she does anyway… but for a scratch… I can’t believe I’m even sharing this!


I was amazed that a scratch so tiny would create so much blood!

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2 Responses to How embarrassing!

  1. Jess says:

    after dealing with ear drum rupturing with Jayce, I would have done the same thing!!! Glad he’s okay!

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